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Team Jesus Update: May 16-19, 2024

Hey Fam! Happy Thursday! Well, it was another VERY exciting weekend! The biggest highlight of course was the mass baptism on Saturday at Siesta. I’m bad a judging crowd size,

Team Jesus Update: May 8-12, 2024

Hey Fam! Happy Thursday! What an epic week! The last time I wrote to you was just prior to the powerful display of unity we were about to see for

Team Jesus Update: May 2-5, 2024

Hey Fam! Happy Tuesday! What a time to be alive in the 941! On January 2nd of this year, the Lord gave me a prophetic word about unity and how

Team Jesus Update- April 18-21, 2024

Hey Fam! Happy Thursday! The adventures with Jesus just don’t stop! Just a few days after getting back from my epic eclipse/revival history tour- myself and 11 others headed down