Team Jesus Update: July 5th-9th, 2024

Hey Fam! Happy Friday!

What a great (and late) night we had last night! For the third year in a row, we partnered with The Front for the 4th of July outreach at Riverwalk, one of my favorite events of the year. We had a full band, and at the peak there were well over 100 people that came to worship with us. A number of people that came to watch the fireworks were getting drawn in also, which was awesome. We also had our gift table set up and TONS of tracts and gifts were given out. Many were also prayed over and hundreds if not thousands of people heard the gospel throughout the night. Here’s one video I took early on:

I got very few pictures and videos because the night was so busy, but here’s a few pics. Fun fact- Sofiya and I met each other at this outreach in 2021, so we were celebrating our “anniversary” there as well.

At around 8pm, I shared a brief recap of our nation’s history with those who attended, and I read several lines from a declaration that was made a few months before the declaration of independence. It was a declaration to make May 17th, 1776, a National Day of Prayer and fasting to seek God for help with the British, who had just launched the largest invasion in history. It’s so powerful to read these words from our forefathers because they asked Jesus (by name) to forgive their sins and cause their enemies to repent. They also prayed that if they didn’t, that He would give us the power to win and that all future generations would love the country and live out the Christian faith in a wholehearted way.

Here’s a copy of the declaration:

Here’s a link to the full text-

And here’s a teaching I did in 2022 on our nation’s founding and several of the AMAZING miracles God did to allow us to form.

God bless America!!

This past weekend was great too. I hardly got any pictures and videos though, except for a few from Riverwalk.

At Bayfront we had a nice breeze and many people to share the gospel with. At Riverwalk, there were many people making professions of faith, and many came up to receive prayer at one point in the night.

1 child also responded to the altar call for salvation:

And, a 12-year-old boy who doesn’t know his mom and has barely any contact with his dad, came up and got discipled for about 30 minutes.

There were also several kids that GAVE altar calls on the microphone, which was really cool! This is them lining up to do that.

On Sunday, we pushed the time back to 7 because of rain and we spent the entire night in the pavilion. Many people made professions of faith and we got to pray for a number of people also. One guy even responded to Brandon’s altar call and 3 young people came for prayer and got discipled for about 20 minutes. It was a great night.

BIG thanks to Rene, Maria, Amber, Augast, Laney, Kristina, Chuck, Debbie, Ricardo, Gene, Brandon, Kelsey and Mike M for coming out to serve! Great work everyone!

I’m excited to see what the Lord does this weekend. Hope to see you soon!


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