Team Jesus Update: June 27-July 2, 2024

Hey Fam! Happy Thursday!

What a week it has been! I’ll start with the BIG announcement….Natalie and Sofiya’s miracle stories are going to be featured on the most watched Christian TV show in the world- The 700 Club.

They average 1 million viewers a day so we’re excited about how much Glory God will get from this! More on that later.

The outreaches were great this week. On Friday, we had our 222nd week of outreaches at Bayfront! Go God! We had a good crew with us that night too and many people were ministered to, a good number of tracts were given out, and many made professions of faith. In the beginning, two gay men were also ministered to by Laney in what we saw as a prophetic warm up to the St Pete Humble Parade that we were going to the next day. Then, at one point, a group of people were listening to me preach, including a small family, two children, and one young woman, all unrelated. Afterwards, Laney got to minister to the young woman for quite some time and she told her that she was a new believer and felt a desire to go deeper in God.

Many other believers were encouraged also and Augast’s son and girlfriend even came and rededicated their lives to Jesus. This little girl also came over and sang a worship song which was really cute-

On Saturday, we did Riverwalk early so we could be at the parade, and it was Gods timing because as soon as I started preaching, these two young boys came over and listened. They ended up talking to me for a while and they told me they were believers but were struggling. I got to give them some good discipleship and next steps, which was a blessing. Later, a group of women came by the gift table who were from a local halfway house. Four of them prayed to receive Jesus right there and the leader told us that she had been praying for that to happen. She also said that they often come to Riverwalk in the early afternoon but never at the time that we are usually there. Such a God set up!

After this we left for the Parade, and I was stunned at how many people were there. Estimates say there were 300,000. It was great though. Harder ground than were used to in some ways, but I know many people were touched and much was accomplished in the Spirit. I made a little video collage of the day-

Here’s a few pics:

Our friend Tanner who was delivered out of LGBT even got interviewed by a news outlet. We’ll see where that leads!

On Sunday, the rain was threatening so we met in the pavilion, and it ended up being really amazing. We got to minister to many people, at least one person prayed to receive Christ, and we met several people from out of state who led worship for us and got inspired to do outreaches like ours in their home states. Here’s a video collage:

Here’s some pics:

Many People made professions of faith too and many believers were encouraged. I thought it was such a cool sign too that I got exactly $222 in donations that night-

One of the coolest moments for me though came at the end of the night. One of the drummers (who has been a self-proclaimed Muslim and used to always cuss me out back in the day but has since become friends with me) came through the pavilion and asked me about Natalie. I asked him if he had heard her testimony, and he said no. I gave him one of the He’s Alive newspapers and he was pretty stunned. I really think he’s going to read it too, so I’m praying that God uses it to reach him.

Such a great weekend!

BIG thanks to Rene, Maria, Amber, Augast, Laney, Thom, Miguel, Chuck, Debbie, Mike F, Mike K, Rochelle, Chris, Geraldine, Tanner, Kaitlin, Lucas, Julie, Tom, Jack, Rachel, Brandon, Kelsey and Paul for coming out to serve this weekend! Great Kingdom Work!!!

Hope to see you again soon! Much love!

Chris, Sofiya and Natalie

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