Team Jesus Update, June 13-18, 2024

Hey Fam! Happy Thursday!

First off, I want to say thank you for the birthday love I received last weekend! At one time in my youth, while battling cancer, I didn’t know if I would ever make it to 20, and now by the grace of God I am 42. To say I’m thankful would be a huge understatement!

Early in the day my sister in Germany wished me a Happy Birthday and she told me that it was also the day of the national elections in Europe. They only happen every 5 years and I got a great birthday present when I saw that many countries experienced a massive conservative wave.

Speaking of God sized victories, did you know that Israel fought its biggest air battle ever the day I was born (6/9/1982)?

It was called Operation Mole Cricket 19, and it is said to be one of the biggest air battles in all of history. During the battle, the Israelis also had their most dominant victory ever. They took down almost 90 Syrian planes and lost none. This battle was also said to have been a huge reason why the Soviet Unition eventually fell- because Syria had been armed by the USSR and Israel had been armed by America. The incredible defeat made them realize they could never overpower us.

Here’s the commander of the operation, discussing the results and how the “new technology” they used in the battle allowed them to win so easily:

I bring this up because I believe this is very prophetic for us. I believe that the Tabernacle of David style outreaches that our team has been able to pioneer in this region, is an example of “new technology” that the Lord will use to fight “air battles” in our region and win decisively. (Ephesians 2:2, 6:12)

And Praise God we saw more fruit of these victories this past weekend.

Friday night was great, and many were ministered to. No pictures unfortunately but it was a great night. Thank you to all who came!

Saturday, we had to shift plans because of an event happening at Rossi Park. We met at the skate park instead and that set up an opportunity for us to meet Danielle. She was out walking, and Mike and Rochelle started talking to her and the power of God hit her, and she fell to the ground. She began repenting of her sin and she confessed that she had been in an adulterous relationship. Her husband knew about it and had been praying earnestly for her to repent. That night she surrendered her life to the Lord and got baptized. She renounced the affair as well. What was so crazy is that the man she was cheating with actually came to Riverwalk, not realizing she was there, and saw her getting baptized. What sign to him!

She told him they were done, and I believe she really means it. Hallelujah!

This is her:

We got to minister to many others that night too, and multiple people prayed with us to receive the Lord, and multiple others got touched by the Lord in other ways. One guy who had just been released from the hospital after a drug overdose even got touched and fell out in the Spirit. It was a great night despite not being able to have our usual crowds to minister to.

Sunday was a powerful night too. Many were ministered to, and a good number of people prayed to receive Jesus. There were even 3 baptisms throughout the night.

I also went in the drum circle and shared Natalie’s testimony with another one of the drummers. It’s so cool how receptive they all are to it and how it really touches them! While I was in there, I also saw a man painting an amazing picture of Jesus and I really felt like it was a sign of how the Lord is working on all of them.

BIG thanks to Amber, Tom, Mike M, Jack, Rachael, Mike K, Rochelle, Caitlin, Paul, Chuck, Debbie, Colton, Lucas, Augast, Joe, Gene, Laney and Steven for coming out to serve this weekend! Great work!

Speaking of signs that God is working in our region, did you hear that Tuesday night we got an all-time record amount of rainfall, by almost an entire inch?

What is very interesting about this is that it was also the first night of the Biblical feast of Shavuot, which is when the Holy Spirit was first released in Acts 2.

Maybe this is a sign that were coming into a season of greater spiritual “rain” upon our region. Let’s pray and believe for it!

“May He be like rain that falls on freshly cut grass, like spring showers that water the earth.”

Psalm 72:4

See you soon! Blessings and love!

Chris, Sofiya and Natalie

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