Team Jesus Update: May 16-19, 2024

Hey Fam! Happy Thursday!

Well, it was another VERY exciting weekend!

The biggest highlight of course was the mass baptism on Saturday at Siesta. I’m bad a judging crowd size, but it looked like over a thousand people came to worship and hundreds of people ended up getting baptized. Here’s one section of the crowd.

Here’s one section of those in the water:

Here’s a short video with a few clips:

It was beyond words AMAZING. After 320 weeks of ministry on Siesta Beach, to see something like this was just incredible. And, as expected, what happened on Siesta Beach made national news. Here are a few articles written about the baptism:

‘A Move of God’: Thousands Gather at Beaches, Rivers Across the US for ‘Summer of Baptisms’ | CBN News

‘A Move of God’: Thousands Gather Across US for ‘Summer of Baptisms’ – Charisma News

‘Summer of baptisms’ brings 2,000 to waters edge – ReachFM: Peace Country’s hub for local and Christian news, and adult contemporary Christian programming.

PHOTOS — ‘A Move of God’: More Than 2,000 Gather for Baptisms Across the U.S., as ‘People Are Wanting Hope’ | AllSides

So cool to see our region being marked by the Glory of God!

Before we got to Siesta, we went to Riverwalk to keep the weekly fire burning, and even though it was the hottest time of the day, there were lots of kids there. And, for the second week in a row, about a dozen of them responded to my altar call and prayed to receive Jesus. It was awesome! Here’s a video:

On Sunday, we had an army with us, and many people were ministered to. We also gave out over 100 tracts and two people got baptized. Pretty cool story about the baptisms- about a month ago a man named Michael came up and listed to me preach for about 10 minutes. Howie went to talk to him about Jesus, but Michael wasn’t receptive to it. He was a believer in a “universal God” that can be accessed through any religion. Howie asked if he could pray for him to receive a touch from the Lord, and Michael said yes. The power of God hit him like a truck, and he fell to the ground, started weeping, repented and received Jesus as Lord. Then we baptized him in the Gulf.

I wrote about this here- Team Jesus Update- April 18-21, 2024 – Awaken941

Well, on Sunday Michael came back, and this time he brought his brother to hear the gospel. His brother got touched by the Lord too and ended up praying to receive Jesus and getting baptized, along with his daughter. Video below:

Before we packed up, we had another huge prayer circle, this time with almost 30 people total.

Then, after we left, a few of the girls stayed back and continued to minister. As Kayla was preaching the gospel, this happened.


Friday night was also powerful. One woman even received some pretty serious deliverance.

BIG thanks to Amber, Laney, Augast, Michelle, Kayla, Rebecca and friends, Jack, Rachael, Chris, Geraldine and family, Tom, Mike M, Julie, Tom, Sara, David and family, Lucas, Vitaly and Dave for coming out to serve!

We hope to see you again soon!

Love and blessings,

Chris, Sofiya and Natalie

PS- One other cool thing that happened this week is that the local Christian newspaper called “He’s Alive” published Natalie’s testimony and even put it onto the front page! I’m believing God will use it to build faith in many people! Lmk if you want a copy!


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