Team Jesus Update: May 8-12, 2024

Hey Fam! Happy Thursday!

What an epic week! The last time I wrote to you was just prior to the powerful display of unity we were about to see for the National Day of Prayer. I was at the event from 1pm-7pm and I must say, it was amazing. Leaders from over 20 churches came to pray and intercede for our region throughout the day, and around 150-200 people came together to pray at the evening service. The Mayor of Sarasota, a county commissioner, the Superintendent of the Schools, two of the Sarasota School Board members and a Captain from the Sarasota Police joined us to pray as well. It was awesome!

If you’re interested in the roots of the National Day of Prayer, check out this site- June 12, 1775: First Congressional Fasting and Prayer Proclamation (

Over the weekend, not only were the usual outreaches amazing, but on Saturday there were over 300 people baptized at Coquina Beach! What an amazing thing to witness AND to be part of! Here’s a few clips that I took from the event:

Most of the people were brought by a mega church in Tampa called The Crossing Church. They sent out videographers to document the event and they made a recap video that they played at all their church campuses the following day. Funny enough, they interviewed me for about 10 minutes about what is happening on Siesta as well as about baptism in general. Super cool that they included some of what I shared in their recap video. Who would have guessed that I’d be preaching at a mega church!? Check it out below:

I reached out to the organizer of this event, and he told me that between all three baptism locations, there were 440 people baptized total. How amazing!!

After Coquina, we ministered at the retirement home, which was great, and then we had a powerful time at Riverwalk.

Many were ministered to that day, and many were touched by Jesus. My favorite moment though was when I gave an altar call and about 10-12 kids came up and prayed to receive Jesus. I’ve rarely ever seen anything quite like that. Check out that video below:

The entire night was amazing and then it was capped off with a 30-person prayer circle! Such a powerful moment! Check out video below:

On Sunday, we had another powerful night and saw many people touched by the Lord. In the very beginning, these 5 girls came up and asked for gifts. Laney talked with them for a little bit and all 5 prayed to receive Jesus.

Then, a little later these two women came up and prayed to receive the Lord. One of them was really drunk when she came up and God supernaturally sobered her up!

I heard there were many more that were ministered to that night also. Our bro Brandon even shared the gospel with a Hindu man who had never heard it. The man was so thankful and took a tract and promised to read it. Speaking of tracts, we also gave out somewhere around 200 tracts, which was amazing!

As sunset was approaching, I felt like the Lord wanted us to have a time of prayer on the beach. Praise God we had 24 people praying together as hundreds walked by. Talk about a sign! Video below:

Then as we were packing up, I looked over and a girl was getting delivered right on the walkway!

Then, I heard about a woman getting ministered to at the showers and crying under the power of God! It was truly a non-stop night of ministry!

Friday was a great night too. Many were ministered to, and many tracts were given out. At one point, a woman came up for prayer and immediately started weeping under the power of God. She later said she wants to get baptized. This is her:

BIG thanks to Laney, Amber, Jack, Rachael and family, Chris, Geraldine and kids, Nathalie, Tanner, Lucas, Michelle, Brandon, Thom, Mike M, Mike, Chuck, Debbie, Mike V, Sandy, Lauren, Natalie, Mauricio and Jenny for coming out to serve! Amazing work!

Speaking of baptisms, this is the BIG weekend that we’ve been waiting for! The last update I saw said there were 1800 people being baptized on Siesta and this post says that 5000 total are registered to be baptized between the 5 locations:

We will be aiming to get there around 4pm and I encourage you to come as well! The event starts at 5 and parking may be tricky so I suggest you come early.

We hope to see you at the other outreaches and gatherings as well.

We love you and we thank the Lord for you!

C, S & N

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