Team Jesus Update: May 2-5, 2024

Hey Fam! Happy Tuesday!

What a time to be alive in the 941!

On January 2nd of this year, the Lord gave me a prophetic word about unity and how He wants to build more of it in the 941 this year. I spoke in depth about this at The Front a few months ago, along with 3 other prophetic words that have been confirmed as well. Click below to hear that message-

Praise God, we’re seeing the first fruits already. Here’s just a few examples…

On January 7th, just 5 days after I received this Word, we had a gathering at Siesta Beach that unified close to 10 different churches.

Then, on Resurrection Saturday, we had another event called Easterfest which unified around 20 different parachurch ministries and churches:

Then, a week later close to 30 churches unified to put on the Rise As One Crusade:

This Thursday, 20+ churches are coming together for The National Day of Prayer

And this Saturday, about 30 churches in our region are coming together for a mass baptism event on Coquina Beach, which is actually part of a bigger event called Baptism in the Gulf, which is unifying churches all through the southwest Florida coast.

Here’s the video link for more info. Everyone is invited to this too.

The pastor leading this baptism event called me on Saturday and asked me to help with the baptisms. I asked him how many there would be, and he said 700! I was SHOCKED! Especially since there will be 1500+ next Saturday at Siesta! If you missed that announcement, check out last week’s Team Jesus Update- Team Jesus Update: April 25th-28th, 2024 – Awaken941

Isn’t it amazing how we have so many movements of unity across our region in just the first four months of the year??? If John 17:21 and 23 are true, and they are- I can only imagine the outpourings of the Spirit that we will see as a result.

Also exciting is that this week we will have a unified fellowship and prayer gathering with our friend Jeannine and her ministry team. That will unlock things in the Spirit as well.

Over the weekend, we saw God move in some pretty cool ways too.

On Friday, there was a good crowd at Bayfront Park, and I got reports that at least 3 people prayed to receive the Lord. It was also cool to see this young boy come and ask to sing worship songs with us. You could tell he really got activated.

As we were praying at the end of the night, a group of about 40 people came who had just left a wedding. All our stuff was put away, but I felt led to preach to them using just my voice. Most were warm to it initially, but then one man started mocking me. I began to plead with him and tell him more about Jesus’ love, but he wasn’t receiving it. Then, some of the others in the crowd started to turn on me and tell me that I shouldn’t keep talking about it. They claimed they were all Christians and that they just came from a Christian wedding. They also said they “didn’t need to hear about Jesus right now.” At this point, I started to bear witness that they were deceived, so I continued to tell them the gospel and warn them that they might not be saved. Threats and intimidation from several people followed. I could tell they were all drunk so at one point I said to them that the bible says that drunkenness is a sin…and about 4 of them totally lost it and began coming right at me looking like they would attack. That’s when Augast came and pulled me away into the parking lot.

It was intense, but I’m believing that the Lord will use the witness of me pleading for their salvation despite their threats as a way to show them how serious this is. Please pray for them.

BIG thanks to Rene, Maria, Amber, Augast, Nate and Thom for coming out to serve!

On Saturday, there was a big parade in downtown Bradenton, which cut off traffic down Manatee Avenue. Because of that, the crowds in the park were much smaller than usual, but we still had some good Divine appointments. A number of people were ministered too, and it was great to have our hermano Ruben and his daughter Bella with us too. She’s like 9 years old and is a total worshipper. She and her 11-year-old friend led several songs that night too which was really great. Here’s one video.

Another cool moment was when 6 children came up to pray with us in the prayer circle and then we prayed over them-

Then, after we put everything away, I went to the parade. When I walked by the float in the back of the parade, a young boy (maybe 12 years old), came up to me and offered me a few beaded necklaces. I told him that I wanted to give him something too, and then I handed him a tract. He was so thankful, and he said that 3 years ago his family stopped going to church and he didn’t know why. He also said that he had been thinking lately about getting back in touch with God. I told him that it was a sign from God that we met, and he agreed. I’m sure he devoured that tract and has already called upon Jesus after such a Divine appointment. So cool!

BIG thanks to Chuck, Debbie, Yohan, Ruben and family, Mike V, Sandy, Mike, Lauren, and our friends from Christian Retreat for coming out to serve!

Sunday was great too, and praise God we had many laborers. Early on, a young teenage boy came up and told us that he had been thinking lately about getting his life right with God. He saw meeting us as a sign and he prayed with me to receive Jesus and took a How to Know God tract. As the night went on, many more people came by and got ministered to as well. Here’s a video of a few moments where people were drawn in.

At one point, Chris went into the drum circle with me, and he ran into a guy that he ministered to a few weeks ago. Last time they talked, the guy was skeptical, so Chris told him to call out to Jesus on his own and see what happens. The man told him that he did that shortly after…and that God showed him a powerful sign! He hasn’t received Christ yet but it’s so cool to see how God is working on these guys and chipping their walls away little by little! While we were on the beach, our bold brother Lucas was in the pavilion preaching and had some Divine appointments over there too. Such a great night!

BIG thanks to Chris, Geraldine and family, Jack, Rachael and family, Brandon, Amber, Mike M, Michelle and Lucas for coming out to serve!

Lastly, let me just share this with you. On Monday, God gave me a word of knowledge about releasing a fresh fire, which I believe is for all of us as well. He also showed me something in Luke 24 that I hadn’t really thought of before related to this word. Check it out below and receive it.

We hope to see you (and your fresh fire) at fellowship this Thursday and on the front lines this weekend! Thank you SO much for saying YES to Jesus! It matters way more than you think!

Love and blessings,

C, S & N

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