Team Jesus Update: April 25th-28th, 2024

Hey Fam! Happy Thursday!

I’m truly in awe over what I’m seeing unfold in front of my eyes. I’ll spoil it for you- millions and millions of people are about to see what God is doing in our region.

Let me give you the full prophetic story…

Back in February of 2019, I went to a huge stadium gathering called “The Send”. Nearly 60,000 people were there from all over the world, worshipping and praying for 12 straight hours and getting activated for evangelism and missions.

The event was scheduled for the anniversary week of Billy Graham’s graduation to heaven, because many prophets had heard for years that when Billy Graham went to heaven, the Lord would release a grace for evangelism and missions like the church has never seen.

Sidenote- as you may have read in our ministry’s prophetic history (Awaken 941 Prophetic History – Awaken941), our outreaches began just 5 weeks after Billy’s graduation.

At the event, at around 2 in the afternoon, I had a vision that was shook me. In the vision, I saw so many demonstrations of Gods power on Siesta Beach that the news came and did stories on it.

Although this vision was exciting, what I saw was so incredible that I always wondered if it was really God that showed me this or if it was just my own imagination. That is why I’ve only told a handful of people about it in the last 5 years.

However, when I was on my trip to Kentucky, while visiting the birthplace of the Second Great Awakening, the Lord reminded me of this vision and told me that the outpouring of the Spirit that we had seen the Sunday before (when revival broke out on the shore and 20+ people were baptized), was a down payment towards the fulfillment of this vision. The videos from that day have already been viewed over 5000 times just on Facebook alone.

If you haven’t seen the video clips from that day, check them out below.

The rest of the day, I was stirred with expectation over what was coming next. Then, as I was in the airport waiting to board my flight home, I was sent a message that blew my mind. It was from one of the girls on our ministry team who is also part of another ministry led by a woman named Jenny Weaver. Screenshot below-

At this point, around 1500 people are signed up to be baptized on Siesta Key on May 11th and get this- Fox News has already invited Jenny Weaver to come on the next day and show footage of it all!

It’s just like what I saw in the vision! Such profound demonstrations of God’s power, that the news will run stories on it!

Then, just last week God blew my mind again when I saw a CBN article that was written about this. They even published a picture of the Drum Circle!

Click here to see the full article- Jenny Weaver Plans ‘Massive’ Baptism of Nearly 2,000 After 200 Accept Christ: ‘The Lord Spoke to Me’ | CBN News

When I saw this, I flipped! How amazing to see that the seeds that we’ve sown into this land are sprouting up into such a powerful harvest! Siesta Beach is going to be the place of an Acts 9:41 miracle on steroids!

With all this in mind, lets commit to praying earnestly for this event and let’s all make sure that we attend. I’ve already decided to make Riverwalk earlier that day so I can be there for the entire thing, and I encourage you to make whatever arrangements you need to make to be there also. This will truly be a launching moment for our region, our ministry and each of us. I can hear the Lord saying loudly “behold, I’m doing a NEW thing!”

Another important announcement is regarding next Thursday. It is the National Day of Prayer and there is a powerful movement of unity happening with churches in the area that day. Unity is something the Lord has been speaking to me about a lot lately, and I feel like I’m supposed to be there for a large portion of the gathering. It will be in a very strategic location too- right next to all the county government buildings. Here’s the itinerary-

Later that night, we will have another great unified gathering with our sister Jeanine and her outreach crew. They will be joining us for fellowship and prayer at Chris and Geraldine’s house. I encourage you to try and come to both of these gatherings. Something profound gets unlocked in the Spirit when the people of God physically and spiritually join together. (John 17).

As for the weekend outreaches…

On Friday night, Bayfront Park was set up for the boat shows so we met at Island Park instead. It ended up being the perfect spot because many people walked by and heard, many received tracts, and one teenage couple came by as I was preaching, talked to Rene and Maria for 30+ minutes, and both prayed to receive the Lord. Here’s them:

BIG thanks to Thom, Gene, Rene, Maria, Amber, Madeline and Sanura for coming out to serve!

On Saturday, we had a great time ministering at the retirement home, and then we went to Riverwalk right after. It was an awesome night. Beautiful weather and tons of people. Many heard and were touched by the Lord. One of my favorite moments was when a bunch of kids came over to draw and write messages while I was preaching. At one point there was probably 10-12. This video shows some of them:

There were lots of things written about Jesus, and one person even drew His face on the platform. This was my favorite thing that was written though- “I need Jesus”

How cool that we get to help children see their need for Jesus! These are seeds that will produce great fruit!

BIG thanks to Debbie, Chuck, Ricardo, Lauren, Mike Vila (who celebrated his birthday with us that day!) Sandy and Mike for coming out to serve!

Sunday was great too. Tons of people on the beach, many people took tracts and many people got ministered to. Two people even got baptized that night. I also ministered a lot with Natalie and as you’d expect, she definitely helped draw people in.

I also brought her inside the drum circle, and she drew many drummers to me as well. I even shared her testimony with a few of them, which was awesome.

BIG thanks to Mike M, Gene, Amber and Ricardo for coming out to serve!

One last announcement is that this week our Governor signed a bill allowing for schools to have Chaplains. Huge win for Florida!

I’d encourage you to pray for these positions to be filled with the right people and to even pray about possibly volunteering for this yourself.

That’s all the good news I have for you today! Hope to see you very soon!

Love and blessings!


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