Team Jesus Update: April 4th-7th, 2024

Happy Thursday Fam! I hope you’re having a great week!

What a great weekend it was! On Friday night we had our Good Friday outreach, and it was amazing to see how many people were at the park and how many got drawn into what we were doing. Here’s one video. It was like this most of the night:

Many were ministered to, and many received tracts and gifts. Here’s a pic of a girl who prayed to receive the Lord too:

I even got to share the gospel with one guy who didn’t know much about it, and he called upon the name of Jesus!

Such a great night!

BIG thanks to Amber, Laney, Mike M, Thom, Gene, Vitaly and Olga for coming out! And so good to see our brother Jeff that night too! He testified about how he was close to dying recently but God delivered him!! Such good news!

Saturday was beyond words amazing. We had no idea who would come, but hundreds of people came throughout the 3.5-hour event. It was amazing! I took a handful of videos and spliced them together here:

Many believers got ministered to that day and I did hear of several people praying to receive the Lord.

This was cool too. I went out open air preaching after the event and this little girl listened to my message and Lance told me that she prayed with me during the call for salvation. He caught this pic of her too:

BIG thanks to Chuck, Debbie, Lucas, Paul, Ricardo, Mike, Rochelle, Howie, Mauricio, Jenny, Laney, Lance, Chris and Geraldine for coming out to serve!

Sunday was a lot of fun too. Tons of people were at the beach, and many were ministered to, and many received tracts. One couple was even crying after hearing my testimony and I also heard one young girl prayed to receive the Lord too. Such a great night!

Resurrection Day was extra special this year because it happened to fall on the anniversary of when we began the outreaches. So crazy to think that God has allowed us to do this for 6 years!!! Also really cool is that this Sunday is week number…316!

BIG thanks to Jack, Rachel, Mike M, Mauricio, Jenny, Steven, Joe, Laney, Amber and Alan for coming out to serve!

Tonight, we will be having a larger fellowship gathering at our Friends Chris and Geraldines house, so we hope you can make it. Here’s a video from last week:

This weekend, in addition to our usual outreaches, I will be linking up with our friend Vasiliy to be part of the Rise as One Crusade happening in Venice on Friday night. Message me if you want more information.

Also keep me in prayer because Monday morning I fly out to see the eclipse in Nineveh Indiana. Here’s a powerful message about the eclpise and the significance of it passing over cities called Nineveh.

After the eclipse, I will be touring two sites from the Second Great Awakening- The Red River Meeting House, where the first outpouring happened that launched it all, and the Cane Ride Meeting House, where they saw the biggest move of God during the entire Awakening. Here’s a short video about the Second Great Awakening from my favorite historian William Federer:

In addition to all this, I will also be touring Asbury University, where many revivals have happened, including the one last year. I’m expecting to come back with some extra Holy Spirit inspiration after this amazing trip!

Love you and hope to see you this weekend!

Chris, Sofiya and Natalie

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