Schedule, Announcements and Testimonies March 28th-31st, 2024

Hey Fam! Happy Thursday!

What a week it has been. On Monday we got to share some God stories from Ft. Lauderdale along with a message about why this mission was so important to God. I highly encourage you to listen, because I also talk about the bigger vision (beyond just saving souls) of why God has us all doing this ministry.

That same day, the day I was talking about how God wants to destroy the stronghold of sexual immorality over our state, our Governor passed a bill that banned minors from accessing pornography in Florida. Huge win! And huge confirmation! He also passed a ban on social media for kids under 14, another huge win!

Pornhub could be banned in Florida after age verification law passes (

The weekend was great too. We had some strange weather though. Friday was a total rain out (I ended up preaching out the window though! LOL), Saturday started nice and warm and ended up unusually cold, and Sunday started calm but had crazy winds by the end.

On Saturday, we ministered at the retirement home and shared testimonies from our spring break mission trip. Everyone was super encouraged. At Riverwalk, the crowds were smaller, but we still got to minister to some people. I even shared the gospel and prayed with a young man who had never heard much about Jesus, which was super cool!

On Sunday, we had an army with us and TONS of people got ministered to. The first guy I prayed with was a guy named Chris. Chris came to the gift table with his wife and when I asked if I could pray for them, she said that he was wanting to get closer to God and get more of a revelation of who He is. I spoke to him about the Holy Spirit, and he said he wanted Him. We prayed and he said he could feel Holy Spirit touching him. It was so cool too that right as we were praying, the wind started blowing on him too. He saw that as a sign. Here he is:

After that many young people came over and many were calling upon Jesus. One person even got baptized. It was a powerful night. Here’s a few pics:

Also cool was running into a brother who was painting this right outside the drum circle. Defintiely a sign!

BIG thanks to Chuck, Debbie, Mike, Lauren, Ricardo, Rene, Maria, Amber, Laney, Chris, Geraldine and family, Paul, Howie, Karson, Abagail, Mike K, Rochelle, Mike M and Lucas for coming out this weekend! Great work everyone!

This weekend, in addition to the usual Friday and Sunday outreaches, we are partnering with a bunch of ministries to put on “EasterFest”, a giant worship event at Riverwalk on Saturday. I hope you can make it!

Love and blessings!

Chris, Sofiya and Natalie

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  1. It’s wonderful to be able to see these pictures of all that you are doing! I am still having to stay laying down most every day. I have been able to cut back on the pain pills thankfully. Praising Jesus Christ that the cancer was stage one, and the surgeon got all of it. Prayers and love for you, Sofiya and precious Natalie

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