Schedule, Announcements and Testimonies: March 21-24, 2024

Hey Fam! Happy Thursday!

What a week we had in Ft. Lauderdale! To see hearts be so open to Jesus was absolutely incredible. Before the trip, part of me was worried that the openness we saw last year was an anomaly. That concern quickly faded on the first night. Below are some copied texts from my Facebook wall, detailing the highlights of each day. Keep in mind that there were over 20 people ministering and I only know about what I saw or was told about later, and there was no official debriefing.

Several of us will be sharing more testimonies on Monday at the front if you’d like to hear more.

From Tuesday March 12th:

I’m in awe over what happened last night. It is not an exaggeration to say that in two years of doing this I’ve NEVER seen quite what we witnessed last night.

Literally from the moment that we pulled up to the moment that we left- we saw person after person fall under the conviction of sin.

The first person we met asked me as I was unpacking if I was going to the club. He spent the next 30 minutes confessing his sins and even crying over them. He got so touched by the Lord that he told us that he was going to stop drinking for the rest of the night. He also said he wanted to get baptized.

The last person we met was a woman 5 weeks pregnant who was drunk. She told us that she was contemplating an abortion. She also confessed that she already had one and had committed many other terrible sins. She was so touched by the Lord that she told us with tears in her eyes that she felt like she wanted to follow God and keep her baby.

In between it was literally person after person coming over and all 8 of us were continually in conversations that clearly led to a change of heart. So many prayed over. So many calling on the name of Jesus. Wow.

One girl even walked right up to us and said “so…what do I need to do to give my life to Jesus?” She knew very little about the gospel and she prayed to receive the Lord right on the spot.

In fact, was so fruitful that we all stayed busy until all the bars were shut down. We left at 4:29am and NONE of us were even tired. I couldn’t even fall asleep until close to 6am.

I’m telling you guys, whoever is praying for this trip is truly helping to move heaven. PLEASE, PLEASE continue.

And be sure to pray for more supernatural energy over us as well. We have 4 more days of this. 🙏🫡✝️

From Wednesday March 13th:

Another amazing night!!

When we first arrived, we were perplexed by what we saw. It was by far the smallest crowd we’ve seen on any night in the past 3 years of doing this.

We jokingly said that after the night we had on Tuesday, people must have chosen to stay in and have bible study instead! 😂

Nevertheless, despite the smaller crowds there were still MANY meaningful interactions. There are 8 of us here now and we don’t debrief on everything that happened, so I’ll only tell you what I heard about or was part of.

The first group of guys that came over were comprised of two backslidden Christian’s, a non-believer trying “figure things out” and a Muslim. We were with them for much of the first hour.

The Muslim and the non-believer were both open to hearing the gospel. I also shared my testimony and made it clear that the power of God is needed to make us know that we know that Jesus is the only way.

I asked them if I could pray for them to experience that power. Both said they did and then both declared Jesus as Lord. As this was happening, the backsliders began to repent and got ministered to as well.

Then, this guy in a wheelchair came up and said he hadn’t walked in years. My friend prayed for him, and he got out of the wheelchair and walked! I have a video clip below. We have no way to verify whether his story is legit, but the man was crying in the video.

The four kids saw that, and the awe of God hit them and they said they didn’t want drink the rest of the night and took off down the street. They came back about 30 minutes later and just hung out with us most of the night.

My friends were leading people to the Lord and seeing the power too. One girl even got filled with the Spirit and could barely move for 5 minutes. She was pouring out tears and visibly getting heart surgery.

She then became the first person we ever baptized here on spring break! How prophetic! Video below.

Then, since the crowds were slimmer, I was hoping to make it a little earlier of a night, so I pulled the van up around 2:30am and began loading. A girl next to the van saw the cross and instantly started travailing. She wailed “I love Jesus, I love Jesus”, and cried profusely. This went on for like 10 minutes. Video clip below.

She was very sorrowful for her sins, and she seemed like she really wanted to change. We prayed with her and we’re following up with her today.

Then, a Muslim man (who was like the 5th Muslim I spoke to last night) came and asked me questions for about an hour and then let me pray over him. You could tell he really received a lot. He even messaged me on Instagram thanking me for talking to him.

When all was said and done, I was in bed by 5am this time instead of 6 so that was nice.

We’re heading out today for our first day mission and we’re hoping for big crowds again. Please continue to lift us up for energy and strength and for the people up to be open and receptive.

We REALLY need continued air support.

Love you guys! ❤️🙏✝️

From Thursday March 14th:

Another amazing day at Spring Break! 🙌✝️

After two LONG nights (6am and 5am) we decided to do a day mission. Praise God, SO many people were reached. All of us were busy ministering the entire time and there was so much hunger in the kids.

The first two kids I talked to on the beach were initially very combative. They ended up later confessing that they had been molested by catholic priests and couldn’t reconcile how God can be good if that happened.

I spoke with them for a while, and they received a lot of breakthroughs and let me pray with them. They said they were very thankful to have met me. I truly grieved after speaking to them. Thank God, now they know it was the devils’ fault and that God can heal them.

After that, it was mostly kids who are believers who were really struggling to stay on the straight and narrow. I got to share with them about the wide road and the narrow road (Matthew 7) and the tremendous blessings of following God wholeheartedly.

It was obvious that they had rarely or never heard anyone speak that way about “religion”, and it was amazing to see people’s eyes open to the idea of making Jesus Lord not just Savior. That’s the revelation that truly changes someone’s life and each one let me pray that over them.

Two young men that my friend was talking to even chose to get baptized right there on the beach. One even stayed with us the entire night and is already getting discipled.

Crazy that in the last two years of doing this we didn’t have any baptisms and this year we’ve already had 3.

At the end of the night, I met a guy who was raised catholic and who was aggressively against the faith. I talked to him for close to two hours and he opened up to me about all his struggles. By the end, he said he really wanted to know that Jesus was real so he prayed and asked Jesus to come and reveal Himself to him. It was so beautiful to see this change.

On top of all that, I got to preach to hundreds and hundreds of kids via the megaphone and I could tell many were listening. I’ll find out the fruit of those seeds when I get to heaven.

Today we’re doing another day mission and will be hitting the beach around 1pm. We’re believing for another day of breakthrough.

Please continue to lift us up and pray that hearts would be open to what God wants to do.

Love you all! ❤️🙏✝️

PS- sorry it was too busy to get any more pics.

Friday March 15th:

Another amazing day at Spring Break!

Yesterday’s day mission was power packed from start to finish. We had over 20 bold evangelists with us, and we all stayed busy all afternoon.

So many people got ministered to and so many prayed to receive Christ or to rededicate their lives to Him.

One guy even got delivered right on the sidewalk and tons of people saw it!

We also had 3 more baptisms, and a guy who we baptized the day before was ministering with us the entire day. He slept over at our house for the second night in a row last night too. He says he wishes he could stay with us instead of going back to college.

Total transformation!

There were a few funny moments during my preaching of the gospel too.

The first was when a girl came up after I preached and asked if she could say something in the megaphone. I made her promise me that she wouldn’t swear or say anything inappropriate, and she assured me she wouldn’t.

Then she yelled F*** YOU! to a group of her friends and then walked away laughing.

I kept preaching the cross and how Jesus had to die a brutal and horrific death for all sins…including lies…to be forgiven.

She came back over TOTALLY repentant and asked me to forgive her. She then told me she wanted more of Jesus and let me pray for her. Her boyfriend received Christ too.

The second was when a group of kids were gathered around watching a refereed fight. There must have been 200 of them.

I walked into the crowd asked the crowd on the megaphone “who loves Jesus?” A whole bunch of people cheered.

Then a man grabbed my megaphone and yelled “F*** Jesus” and he got booed by the crowd!

Then I got back on and asked who agreed with the man and literally nobody said anything. Then I said, “how many of you know that what that man said was of the devil?” Everyone cheered!

I then preached more to the warm crowd and people were listening. It was such a fun moment!

Another cool moment was that as soon as we arrived, we met a man who works for the 4th largest national newspaper in America, and he asked us about our mission. He was so intrigued that he said he wants to do a story on what Jesus is doing here on spring break!

Pray for that! Wouldn’t that be so amazing if God changes the storyline of spring break!?

Keep us lifted up for today. It’ll be our last mission of the trip and we’re expecting to go out with a bang! 🙏🙌✝️

Saturday March 16th:

Our last day at spring break was awesome!

We started off with 17 of us worshipping and praying in Wilton Manors, the “2nd gayest city in America”, right in front of the “pride factory”.

It just so happened to be right around the corner from where my Airbnb was.

Not only were important things accomplished there in the spirit, but one gay man saw us and said that it was a sign that he needs to come back to God.

After that, we went to the beach, and while we were praying in the parking lot before going out to minister- a young man walked by and looked right at us. I invited him to pray with us and he did.

We found out that he was a prodigal who hadn’t even prayed in years. He rededicated his life to the Lord right on the spot.

The rest of the day it was person after person getting ministered to. Many rededications, and many believers receiving new levels of impartation. One man got baptized and delivered on the beach too.

It was funny, an EMT came over and asked if the man was ok and we told him he was getting set free from demons. The EMT was like “ok you guys got this” and immediately went to leave. 😂

Then, just as we were leaving the beach, we had a few more Divine appointments in the parking lot.

I’m telling you, the harvest is ripe in the youth!

Lord willing, one day we will spend the whole month here!

Big thanks to the amazing team of warriors that came, and big thanks to all who prayed and all who gave to this mission. GREAT is your reward in heaven!

Here’s the most powerful testimony of all:

God is so good! 😭🙌✝️

This is Jack. He came to spring break from Buffalo, NY with the intent to get wasted and lust after women.

God met him in that bed of sin and Jack threw his drugs away, gave his life to Christ, got baptized in water, filled with the spirit, left his friends, and ended up staying with us until we had to leave Ft Lauderdale.

He slept over two nights, got some solid discipleship, and he ministered with us two days in a row. He literally held up Jesus signs like this for hours each day.

I gave him a ride home yesterday before hitting the road, and he is a changed man. He even wants to leave his secular college and go to bible school. I wouldn’t be surprised if he comes back with us next year to minister here.

Please keep him lifted up as he navigates this new life.

Thank you all so much for praying! Love you all!

Nearly every person I prayed with is now connected with me online also and is following the ministry.

Here’s a link to more pics and videos:

Here’s a video of me sharing some of these testimonies at The Sarasota House of Prayer on Tuesday:

I heard Friday and Saturday here were great too. BIG thanks to all who stepped up to help!

Sunday was another amazing day of outreach. I got to pray with a good amount of youth to encounter God, including two that hadn’t heard the gospel before that night. Such a great honor!

We’re looking forward to another great weekend coming up, and we hope you can make it out to the front lines!

Blessings and love!

Chris, Sofiya and Natalie

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