Schedule, Announcements and Testimonies March 7-10 2024

Greetings fellow warrior! Happy Thursday!

If you missed last weeks’ fellowship gathering, you missed a special treat. An itinerant evangelist from Ireland named Nigel Burrows, who met me on Facebook in 2021 and who had me on his podcast- reached out to me a few weeks ago and told me that he was going to be in Tampa and that he wanted to come down and meet me in person. He came to our house for the fellowship gathering and he and his friend shared with us many testimonies of what God is doing in other nations. They travel all over the world to preach the gospel and to equip local churches. They even minister in some very impoverished areas and in some very persecuted areas. It was so eye opening to hear his stories and it made me SO thankful for the freedom that we have here to share Jesus so boldly with people. It also encouraged me a lot to hear about the moves of God happening in all these far-off places and he said that hearing about what we were doing encouraged him greatly also. Here we are:

The next night, we had a powerful time ministering at Bayfront Park. Lots of people were heard the gospel and an entire family of 5 prayed to receive the Lord along with another couple. Definitely a fruitful night! Our friend Miguel from the drum circle also came out and he stayed and helped us for a while. I mention that because today I got this Facebook memory from two years ago that although Miguel had once been very much against us, he had just started to like us being there.

As you may know, Miguel was the first drummer to ever complain about us and he was also the first drummer to pray to receive the Lord. Now he is our friend and even comes to visit us at Bayfront Park sometimes. Such a turnaround.

BIG thanks to Rene, Maria, Thom, Mike M, Augast, Amber, Laney and Gene for coming out to serve!

Saturday was a fun day. Sofiya and I went to the retirement home at 1:30 and there were about 13 people, which was the most we’d ever had. One woman even prayed to receive Jesus as Lord! The second one from the left. This is us afterwards. A few people aren’t shown in the pic.

Saturday at Riverwalk was awesome! There were tons of people at the park, and many were engaging with what we were doing. We were really blessed to have our friend Karina back to lead worship too, and there were so many kids that came over to soak in the worship and hear the Word. Here’s one short video I got of some of it.

(By the way, all videos should work fine now to play from your phone or computer)

This was really cool to see afterwards- tons of Jesus art left by the little children!

God told me a long time ago that when they do this it is an expression of revival in their hearts. I even prayed with one of them to receive Jesus which was so cool! There were also several adults that were powerfully ministered to as well. Such a great night!

BIG thanks to Debbie, Chuck, Karina, Mike V, Sandy, Carol, Mauricio and Jenny for coming out to serve!

Sunday got off to a great start. We had four men at the beach early to help with set up, so we were up and rolling before 4. I also had some Divine intervention in the parking lot. When I arrived, every spot was taken. I left the unloading zone to find a spot by the pavilion, and a car pulled out from a space really close by, and the car in front of me actually passed it up and let me have it! Never seen that before!

Early on there was a big group of 10-12 people right in front of us and as I began preaching, they turned their speaker on full blast, pointed it towards me, and played anti-Christian music. As the evening went on, the Lord prompted me to speak about how God is not the author of “bad church experiences” but that He was perfect in every way. A little while later, they turned the music off and stayed for a while longer. Then they came to our gift table and took gifts before they left. They were very nice and didn’t say one word about not liking what we were doing. I thought that was a huge win!

Later on, after ministering to a number of people, our friend John got touched powerfully by the Lord and wanted to get rebaptized. We took him to the water and did an announcement, and a handful of people came to watch, which is always so fun! Here’s a video:

Later in the night, I got to pray for a new age man in the drum circle to receive an encounter from Jesus and then one of the drummers even came over to meet Natalie. I shared Natalie’s testimony with her a few weeks back and she was really moved.

Speaking of the miracle baby:

Here’s some other pics of people getting ministered to:

BIG thanks to Gene, Laney, Howie, John, Mike M, Hugo, Amber and Joe for coming out to serve!!

I’m excited for what the Lord will do this weekend! Hope to see you on the frontlines!

Love and blessings,

Chris, Sofiya and Natalie

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