Schedule, Announcements and Testimonies February 29-March 3, 2024

Hey Fam! Happy Thursday!

What a time to be alive! Over the past week I’ve spent many hours meditating on 4 different prophetic words for this year/season. 3 were given to me and one to Bob Jones. All 4 have been confirmed very clearly by the Lord. I got to share a message at The Front on Monday night where I unpacked these 4 prophetic words and people were very encouraged by them. Take a listen to that message when you have some time.

One of those words is about Prodigals coming home, and we saw that again this past weekend. A 23-year-old girl gave her life back to the Lord and her 13-year-old friend gave her life to the Lord for the first time. Here’s them getting prayed over.

They walked by the table and talked with Laney, and she got a word of knowledge for the 23-year-old that she had a broken heart. The girls left the table after that, but they ended up coming back around and talking to her again. The girl shared that her fiancĂ© had recently died and that she was indeed heartbroken. The 13-year-old is the deceased fiancĂ©s sister and both of them encountered the Lord powerfully and both were moved to fully surrender. They even got baptized! Here’s a video of that:

Another powerful moment of the night was hearing a woman share that she had been healed of carpal tunnel syndrome after being prayed for at our outreach two weeks ago. She came back not only to testify but to also bring her husband to receive prayer for a heart condition that he was recently diagnosed with. Is that cool or what!? Wouldn’t that be wild if our little outreach developed a reputation for being a place you go to for a miracle? Here’s a video of her sharing her testimony.

Now, funny enough, one time I actually did have a vision of that exact thing happening at the Siesta Beach outreach- so many miracles that so many people know about- that people actually came there to get healed. And, funny enough, it was exactly 5 years ago this past weekend (2/23/19) at a 57,000-person event called The Send in Orlando. Given the connection, I believe the Lord is saying to continue to believe for the manifestation of this vision-because He can do above and beyond all we can imagine.

The rest of the night was amazing too. TONS of people were there, and many were touched. BIG thanks to Mike M, Joe, Laney, Amber, Karson, Abagail, Gene, Augast, Jenny and Mauricio for coming out to serve!

Saturday at Riverwalk was really fun and fruitful too. There was a huge crowd, and many kids were coming over to soak in the worship and the Word. In fact, when I first got on the mic, at least 10-12 kids came right over to the steps. Then as the worship was going on, kids kept coming over and some were even dancing. So cool to watch! Here’s one little clip I got:

Many people also received prayer and tracts too, and at the end of the night we linked up with a team of evangelists from “That Church” who came to join. We ended up having one of the biggest prayer circles we’ve had there in a few months too, which was powerful. Here’s a video of that:

BIG thanks to Howie, Debbie, Chuck, Laney, Carol, Mike V, Mike, Sandy, Mauricio, Jenny, Joe and the That Church crew for coming out to serve!

Friday was interesting. It rained about 45 minutes after we arrived, but there was still some good seed sown into a few dozen people. At one point, a man came up to me while I was preaching and was somewhat aggressively asking me condescending questions about Christianity. I kept answering him, and he calmed down a fair amount. By the end, he was saying that he loved Jesus, and he even hugged us before he left. I felt like it left an impact on him.

BIG thanks to Amber, Thom, Mike M, Gene and Alan for coming out to serve!

It should be great weather this weekend, so we hope to see you on the frontlines!

Love and blessings,

Chris, Sofiya and Natalie

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