Schedule, Announcements and Testimonies February 8-11th. 2024

Hey Fam! Happy Thursday!

Today is a special day. Today is the one-year anniversary of the amazing outpouring of the Holy Spirit known as the “Asbury Revival.”

I’m sure you know a good amount about it. It started with a group of students staying after chapel to worship, and it became a revival that captivated the world’s attention. How cool that we got to be witnesses to such a thing! Here’s a cool 8-minute documentary video about it:

All I can say is… Do it again Lord! Do it again!

Today was also a special day for the 941, because another group of local revivalists decided to rebuild the fallen Tabernacle of David. Karson, Omry, Keith and about 10 others from the Sarasota House of Prayer came to Bayfront Park today to do the first of what they are aiming to be a biweekly outreach. They had live worship, preaching, gift giving and personal evangelism. It was great! The only video I got was a Facebook live, which you can see here-

So proud of our brothers and sisters for stepping out of the four walls!

We had an interesting night at Bayfront Park last Friday. Towards the end of the outreach two young men came right up to our brother Gene as he was preaching, and one of them said he wasn’t yet born again. He prayed to fully receive Christ right there on the spot. Very cool to witness! Here’s a clip:

There was a good amount of people at the park that night too, which was great. BIG thanks to Gene, Karson, Augast, Amber, Mauricio and Jenny for coming out to serve!

Saturday was really special because Natalie turned two months old, and we brought her to the retirement home with us as we ministered. We hadn’t been there since she was born so we got to tell them all about the miracles the Lord did in her, which really encouraged them. I’m getting more and more excited about our ministry there and am really feeling like we should invest more into it. Please pray for wisdom in that for us. Here’s a clip of the worship. So cool to see elderly people encountering Jesus!

Riverwalk was great too. There were lots of people out and many received gifts and ministry. BIG thanks to Debbie, Chuck, Jackson, Mike V, Sandy, Mike, Carol and Rebecca for coming out to serve!

Sunday was a great night too. The drum circle was much closer to us because rain had pooled in their usual spot, so we had a much bigger audience. Many people received prayer too and at least one person received the Lord. I also spoke with a Jewish man whom we met and ministered to a few months ago. I shared the gospel with him and prayed for the revelation of Jesus to touch his heart a few months ago and on Sunday, he told me that he has become a believer and even wants to go to church. So cool!!! He also prayed with me to be filled with the Spirit. Go God!

Here’s a video of the crowds from Sunday. So amazing to get to share Jesus with SOOO many people every week!

BIG thanks to Amber, Gene, Rose, Stanley, Grace and Joy for coming out to serve!

Last announcement/prayer point is for next week’s trip to the Daytona 500. Please pray not only for those we will minister to, but also for those that will stay back and minister here in my absence. Thanks so much!

Hope to see you tonight and/or this weekend! God bless!


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