Schedule, Announcements and Testimonies- February 1-4, 2024

Hey Fam! Happy Thursday!

What a great week it has been!

Last Thursday, I got to attend the opening hours of Awaken the Dawn’s 50-hour worship and prayer meeting in Tampa, and it was amazing. Not only was it just super cool that 50 hours of worship and prayer was happening but also that dozens and dozens of ministries and churches partnered together to make it happen. Here’s one video I took while I was there:

So much of what was shared that night confirmed what the Lord had been speaking to me lately, particularly about His desire for greater unity in 2024. I was definitely meant to be there!

The worship and prayer was happening until Saturday at midnight, and it was so cool that it overlapped with the Gasparilla Parade going on in Downtown Tampa. We ministered at Gasparilla last year and it was way different than this year. This year people were SO much more open, and the Lord told me that it was a trickle-down effect from the worship and prayer happening under the tent and the unity that was going on all over the region. I shared about this for a few minutes at The House of Prayer earlier this week, I encourage you to take a listen:

Here’s a video that gives a little glimpse of the crowd at Gasparilla. All together we probably witnessed to thousands of people:

We also got to pray for 20+ people and several encountered God right on the street. Two even prayed to receive Christ for the first time (pictured below), including a young Jewish man.

It was absolutely amazing, and we are definitely going back next year!

Later that day at Riverwalk, God moved powerfully too. Tons of people were at the park, probably the most I’ve seen in months. Kids were coming up left and right getting gifts and ministry too. The most notable was one young boy named Elias who came up looking really sad. He told us that his dad left the home and that he never really heard of Jesus. We shared the gospel with him, and he received Christ and felt the touch of the Spirit. After that we encouraged him for a while, and he said he felt better and cracked a smile. It was such a reminder of the brokenness in the world and why we need to shine our lights. Here he is:

After that, 3 other kids and one adult prayed to receive the Lord also. It was such a powerful night!

On Sunday, it was cold and windy, so the crowd wasn’t huge, but many people heard, and several were ministered to. The coolest moment though was when a man from Ocala came over and started talking to my friend Hugo. The man was raised in church but left the faith years ago. He randomly chose to drive from Ocala to Siesta Beach that day and saw us as he was leaving. Hugo had a similar story and shared it with the man. He opened his heart back up to Jesus, received prayer, took a bunch of our materials and thanked us for being out there.

How cool that God would bring a man from 135 miles away to lead him back to Himself!

BIG thanks to everyone who came to serve- Thom, Rene, Maria, Amber, Mike M, Mauricio, Jenny, Alan, Mac and friends, Karson, Gene, Rene, Rochelle, Mike K, Isaac, Mike V, Cheryl, Carol, Lauren and Hugo. Great work!

A few other announcements and prayer points:

1- We will be back ministering at the retirement home on Saturday. Please pray for revival wind to blow through that place..

2- We will be ministering at the Daytona 500 on the weekend of 2/17. Please pray for people to step up to minister here while we are gone and for awakening to hit that event.

3- We received a pretty weighty prophetic word at The Front on Monday night. Please pray for The Lords will to be done in regard to what was spoken. Here it is:

Thank you so much!

Looking forward to seeing you soon!

Chris, Sofiya and Natalie

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