Schedule, Announcements and Testimonies, January 4th-7th, 2024

Hey my friend! Happy New Year!!

I’m excited for 2024! This week, the Lord impressed two Words on my heart for 2024- as it relates to His family in this region. They have me full of expectation! I shared a short video for social media about them the other day, which you can see by clicking here:

I also go way more in depth in the message I shared during Natalie’s dedication service at The Front, which you can see here-

The dedication was so awesome too. My parents came, my son came, and I got to share 6 supernatural stories about Natalie’s short life prior to the dedication. God told me that each one is a parable that reflects a truth that He wants to impress onto all His kids in this season. I felt an overwhelming sense of His Presence as I was sharing them too. It was also such a great opportunity to sow into my family, and my son even told me afterwards that he wants to be more like me! What a compliment from the kid who used to say I was embarrassing him if I even told someone “God bless you” in front of him! Here’s a picture of all of us:

One of the Words the Lord gave me was about Him wanting to create more unity within the body of Christ in this region. So cool that we are doing that this weekend by partnering with multiple churches to help lead a “Beachfest” with international ministers Georgian and Winnie Banov. Here’s a flyer:

Georgian and Winnie have been in ministry for decades, mostly in Europe. They were also featured in the Documentary “Finger of God.” They are on vacation on Siesta Beach, and John and Michelle Skorski coordinated with them to link together with churches from around the area to have a huge Jesus Party on the beach during our outreach. I really hope you can come! There will be a huge worship team and maybe hundreds of people attending. What a way to start 2024!

We finished 2023 with a bang too. Siesta Beach had one of the biggest crowds I’ve ever seen, and afterwards we preached the Gospel to a massive crowd at the Pineapple Drop in downtown. We easily shared Jesus with thousands of people in just a few hours, it was amazing. Here’s one video from downtown of me talking about the reality of heaven:

BIG props to Paul and Karson for coming out there!

Saturday was great too. Many people were ministered too, and hundreds of people heard. We also got to see our new sister in Christ Sandy, who recently received the Lord at one of our outreaches. She shared a short testimony, and I caught a little bit of it on camera:

Friday night, the crowds were thin, but we still got to minister to some people. The highlight for me though was seeing a family that I had met a riverwalk several months ago. The two children (who were maybe 7/8) actually remembered me even though I didn’t really remember them. They said that we shared the Lord with them and ministered to them for a while at the park. I was amazed that these little kids remembered this so clearly. It definitely shows how strong the seeds are that we are sowing.

BIG thanks to Amber, Augast, Thom, Nate, Brian, Jeff, Chuck, Debbie, Howie, Paul, Jackson, Mike V, Sandy, Mike, Olivia and Ed for coming out to serve! Great work!

We hope to see you this weekend! Especially Sunday, Lord willing!

Love and blessings,

Chris, Sofiya and Natalie

PS- Guess who turned 1 month old yesterday!

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