Schedule, Announcements and Testimonies- December 28-31, 2023

Greetings Fam! I hope you had a great Christmas!

We had a great time! We got to celebrate Jesus with my family, which was such a blessing. Here’s a picture of all of us:

And here is sweet little Natalie in her first Christmas outfit! So precious!

Natalie is doing great too. She’s even been sleeping up to 7 hours straight per night. Talk about a blessing!

Speaking of blessings, as we approach the end of the year, I have to say I feel TREMENDOUSLY blessed as I meditate on all God did through this amazing work that He has called us all too this year.

I will be working on compiling a more detailed report soon, but after this weekend, our little 50+ person ministry team will have done (in 2023):

52 outreaches at Bayfront Park

52 outreaches at Riverwalk

52 outreaches at Siesta Beach

Outreaches at the 5 biggest gatherings (that we know of) in Florida:

Spring Break in Ft. Lauderdale

Miami Pride (the biggest gay pride rally in Florida) in South Beach

Gasparilla in Tampa (one of the top 5 biggest parades in America)

Fantasy Fest in Key West

And the Pineapple Drop in Sarasota (which will happen this Sunday)

By conservative estimates, we likely shared Jesus with about 40,000 people in person and thousands more online. Out of that, dozens and dozens of people have knowingly received Jesus, many were baptized, and a number of them were physically healed and delivered. And of course, hundreds of believers have been ministered to through our various outreaches this year as well.

How awesome is God!?

This year God also opened a door for us to minister at a Retirement Home on a regular basis.

He opened a door to partner with the Sarasota House of Prayer for all our discipleship needs and to lead intercession for soul winning and evangelism.

He opened the hearts of many people to give VERY generously to the ministry so we could fund the mission. This year that has amounted to around $25,000.

and He even opened a door for me to preach the Gospel in the New York Post! Who would have thought!?

I’ll be excited to see what happens this weekend, as we close out this year of incredible favor and blessing!

As for this past weekend- BIG thanks to everyone who came out to serve despite the busyness of Christmas- Nate, Karson, Augast, Amber, Thom, Jeff, Mauricio, Jenny, Laney, Dave, Mike and Alan! You guys rock!

The big highlight from Friday (other than having an army of laborers) was meeting a woman who had just had a stroke who had been struggling to walk. She was with her daughter in law, and she told me that when she heard the music playing something in her said that she needed to get to where we were, so she walked all the way across the park to get there. She said this was the furthest she had walked in months! Just the presence of God in the air was enough to touch this woman’s body, it was so cool!

I then spent a good amount of time ministering to them and they were both very touched. They said they were believers, but the daughter in law is married to the woman’s daughter, so I was glad I could plant some good seeds into them.

On Saturday, nobody came to help except for Mike, the older man we met a few months ago. That didn’t stop God from moving though, because many children came over to listen to the message and to get gifts and prayer. One young child even bowed her head during the altar call. Such a cool night!

On Sunday, it was just Amber, Laney and I but praise God we met a family from Indiana on the way out to the beach who helped with set up. Then some other believers came over as we were tearing down and helped with that. A number of people were ministered to that day too and God was clearly touching hearts.

The crowds were lighter all weekend, but we still got to share Jesus with probably 3-500 people, so it was definitely time well spent.

This weekend should be a good one, so I hope to see you on the frontlines!

Blessings and love!

Chris, Sofiya and Natalie

4 thoughts on “Schedule, Announcements and Testimonies- December 28-31, 2023”

      1. Every time I read the testimonies of this ministry I feel so close to the heart of God and what He is accomplishing through Chris, Sofia and the team of workers that are called to this work. I’m praying for you all for an abundant harvest in 2024 for the literal “multitudes” of people looking for hope in a fallen society. I’ll never forget the day that Chris announced that he is putting his profession aside to answer the vision that our faithful God has given him. (Oh that we all might be so willing to go and to “do”). I Bless this outreach in Jesus Name so that we will see the greatest harvest of souls ever in the year of 2024. For those of you who are on the fence trying to decide if this ministry is for you, why not answer the call, strap in and hold on right to the wildest ride you’ll ever experience.

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