Schedule, Announcements and Testimonies: December 21-24, 2023

Hey Fam!!! Hope you’re doing great!!

It was sooo nice to be back on the mission field last weekend! It had been three long weeks since I had been out there, and boy did I miss it! In nearly 6 years of doing this, this was by far the longest inactive streak I’ve had, and Lord willing it will be my last one of this length!

As you probably recall, it was a very strange weekend weather wise- cold, rainy and windy- but like the postman, the Lord shows up in any weather!

On Friday, before we even had our preservice prayer, a woman named Brenda had already prayed to receive the Lord. There were several others that got ministered to very substantially that night as well. We also had 3 new people come to minister with us, which was a huge blessing. Two of them are also bilingual. BIG thanks to Rene, Maria, Nate, Thom and Jeff for coming out and extra special thanks to Augast for pushing through fatigue to lead worship in Sofiya’s absence. You guys rock!!

Saturday was probably the rainiest, non-hurricane day I can remember us having in years. It literally rained all day. When I got to Riverwalk around 6, as expected, there were no kids on the playground, but there were 3 homeless guys that I got to bless, which was cool. One of them even indicated that my encouragement meant a lot to him. After that, I walked up and down the walkway and preached and prayed on the megaphone. Who knows, maybe someone in the condos with their windows open even got saved!? I’ll find out one day!!

Sunday was pretty windy, so there weren’t a ton of people at the beach, but we still got to minister to a good amount of folks, which was great. Here’s a few pics I snapped of people getting prayed over.

One really cool moment was meeting a Jewish woman who came over and asked us questions about Jesus. She was really open and receptive. I shared with her the prophetic implications of the current war in Israel as well as some of the prophetic scriptures about Jesus’ first coming. Then she let me pray for her to receive the full revelation of Christ. It was awesome!

Another cool moment was sharing with Aaron, (our friend from the drum circle who used to claim he was an atheist) the miracle stories from my daughters stay in the hospital. He was moved. He even thought they were so powerful that he said that I needed to write them down. Such a cool seed to sow!

BIG thanks to Amber, Laney, Joe and Paul for coming out to serve!

Speaking of Natalie’s miracle stories, I just finished writing several blog posts about what God has already done in her during her short life. I include lots of pictures as well. I think these testimonies will bless you.

Natalie’s Life Story. Part 1: Conception to Placenta Previa – Awaken941

Natalie’s Life Story, Part 2: The Miracle Healing of Placenta Previa – Awaken941

Natalie’s Life Story, Part 3: The Miracles of Her Birth – Awaken941

Also, tonight (Thursday) were having our first fellowship and prayer gathering since her birth, and we hope you can come and meet our Miracle Baby!

Another announcement is that a week from Sunday is New Year’s Eve, and I’m hoping for a few of us to go to downtown Sarasota and minister at the Pineapple Drop after Siesta. It is said to be one of the biggest NYE gatherings south of Times Square. Here’s a video of the crowd from a few years ago. Hard to believe this is our city!

Also, if you haven’t seen the cool recruiting video that someone recently made for the ministry, be sure to check that out by clicking below.

Hope to see you soon!!! Love and blessings!

Chris and Sofiya…and Natalie

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