Schedule, Announcements and Testimonies: November 23-26th, 2023

Hey Fam! Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Let me start by telling you from the bottom of my heart how thankful I am for your friendship and for your partnership with us in carrying out the Great Commission. Your dedication to Jesus and to His Kingdom is something that truly inspires me! And truly pleases Him!

On that note, this past week the Lord has been speaking to me out of Mark 16:20 where it says that after Jesus went to heaven, He “worked with them, and confirmed the word by the signs that followed.”

I did a word study on the original word translated “worked with” and it is the word “synergeo.” Synergeo is where we get the word “synergy” and it means “to work together, to be partners in labor, to help in work, to put forth power together with and thereby assist.”

It is also the word used in Romans 8:28 where it says, “God causes all things to ‘work together’ for our good” and the word used in James 2:22 where it says, “you see faith was ‘working with’ his works, and as a result of the works, faith was perfected.”

Through this word, the Lord began to reveal to me on a new level, how He has set things up to be in the Kingdom. I’ve heard people say that God doesn’t “need” any of us to do His work, however this word proves that God has intentionally designed things to be a partnership between Him and us.

In addition to that, “synergeo” is also used in 1 Corinthians 16:16 where it says, “everyone who ‘helps’ in the work and in the labor”. So, synergeo also describes how we work together with each other.

This word and these verses are conveying that we are individually partnering with the Lord, while also partnering with each other. And that in doing so we are putting the collective power, grace, anointings and giftings (that are upon us all) together to make a greater impact.

I encourage you to make this verse and this word part of your prayers in the days to come. That God would synergeo with us in greater and greater ways, that he would confirm our words with signs that follow, and that He would give us all grace to synergeo together with each other for maximal impact.

On that note, I cannot think of a better illustration of the synergeo of God with man and men with each other, than the Thanksgiving story. I’m sure you’ve probably heard it here and there but just as the Lord told the people of Israel to tell and commemorate the story of the Exodus every year, so I believe that He wants all Americans to tell and commemorate the story of Thanksgiving and America’s founding each and every year.

Back in May of 2022, a month after we spent 3 days in Plymouth, MA and learned up close the story of our founding, I shared a message at The Front about the Pilgrims’ story and especially highlighted the miracles. I also show pictures of Plymouth throughout the message and there is also a 10-minute word at the end that gives a major key (displayed by the Pilgrims) to revival and Kingdom expansion in our day. Click below to hear it-

Given all this amazing HIS-story, this Thanksgiving I am compelled to pray Isaiah 58:12 over us-

“Those from among you will rebuild the ancient ruins, you will raise up the age-old foundations, and you will be called repairer of the breach.”

According to the Pilgrims, America was founded for “The Glory of God and the advancement of the Christian faith”, and I feel like God is using us to help call America back home to her roots and to be a fulfillment of this promise.

Also, speaking of miracles, I recently posted a short explanation of the miracle that recently happened with Sofiya and our baby, and I included the medical reports that verify that she was healed. VERY powerful! Click here to see that- Baby Natalie’s Miracle Story! – Awaken941

On to the weekend…

On Friday the crowds were definitely thinner, maybe because it was a little chilly. We still got to sow into a good amount of people though, which was good. BIG thanks to Augast, Thom, Mike M, Nate, Rene, Maria, Dennis, Cheryl, Christina and Brian for coming out on Friday! Great job!

After Bayfront I went to Fellowship of Believers for their all-night worship and prayer service, and it was still on fire at 11pm! Here’s a video:

They are doing these every month now, which is a huge sign that God is about to move even more mightily in our area!

On Saturday, the crowds were also much thinner due to the weather, but we still got to sow into many people and pray for a few as well. Initially, the biggest highlight was the surprise return of our brother Howie, who had been on the road ministering for the past few months. We were so glad to see him back in the 941!

Another cool surprise happened later when two police officers came over as we were packing up our stuff. One of them had seen me before so he said to me “are you guys here every week?” When I said that we were he said, “heck yeah!”

Then he asked me “do you guys preach the Gospel?” I told him that we did, and he again said, “heck yeah!”

Then they gave us their full blessing and even prayed with us in the prayer circle! That’s never happened before with police! Here’s a video of us praying where you can also hear a woman I was ministering to tell God how thankful she was to have met us.

I got this cool picture with them too. I love the thumbs up!

I really felt like this was a sign of a new level of authority that God was giving us over Riverwalk. I’m excited about the weeks to come!

BIG thanks to Howie, Laura, QJ and friends, Nate, Chuck and Debbie. Great job!

On Sunday, we had a HUGE crowd on the beach. The parking lot was full when I got there though so I wasn’t sure how much time I would lose trying to find a spot. Amazingly, for about the second or third time EVER…I found a dream spot. Video below:

I felt like this had to be a sign of things to come, and sure enough it was an amazing night. So many people, such perfect weather, and many people getting touched by Jesus. Here’s one video of what was happening close to sunset. So amazing that we get to minister amongst so many people!

Throughout the night, we mostly had believers coming up for prayer, so we were ministering a lot to the body. It was really sweet. One woman was even asking prayer for her sister up north who just got diagnosed with brain cancer. She was crying as we were declaring life over her and we fully believe she is healed!

One thing I was excited about before I arrived was sharing the Thanksgiving story, which I did at the very end when it was already dark. Despite it being so late, several people came over and listened and later told me that it really touched them. And, for the second year in a row, someone gave me $20 after hearing it! LOL!

That guy even sent me this text on Tuesday morning, referring to my “speech” about the Pilgrims:

So cool!

We also me this guy who got saved and baptized at Siesta Beach 6 weeks ago at Monte’s service-

He even helped us carry stuff to the unloading zone. So cool to be reminded that for two nights a week, the Gospel is going forth on that beach and touching people.

BIG thanks to Michelle, Theresa, Amber, Karson, Mike M, and Brendan for coming out to serve! Great job!

This weekend, just a heads up, we may be having our baby. In that event, the outreaches will likely still go on, but we will need all hands on deck so please be ready!

Have a great rest of your Thanksgiving!!!

Love and blessings!


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