Baby Natalie’s Miracle Story!

Hey my friend! Thanks for coming by to read about what God has done! You can also hear the story in the video above.

Back in September, Sofiya went to get her standard prenatal ultrasound and they discovered a major problem. Her placenta, the organ that connects her to Natalie’s umbilical cord, was blocking her birth canal. It is a condition called placenta previa, depicted below:

I had never heard of this condition before, but after a little research, I discovered this was a VERY serious problem. In fact, if she were to give birth with this condition it would likely cause Natalie to suffocate and for Sofiya to bleed to death. It was a total attack of the enemy! Here is her report:

Her and I sought the Lord for wisdom, and two days later a woman from the Sarasota House of Prayer came to minister with us at Bayfront Park for the first time. We had never met her before. When she met Sofiya, she began asking her about the baby and Sofiya told her that we had just decided to name her Natalie. When Sofiya said this, the woman was stunned.

She reached in her pocket, pulled out a piece of paper and said- “As soon as I got here, I sensed the Lord telling me that he had a message for someone named Natalie (the Slavic version of the name). I wrote it down right here. Maybe it’s for you.”

Since Sofiya is Slavic, it seemed to fit, so she asked her what it was.

It was partially written in Portuguese, but it translates- “everything is going to be fine, God has you right in His hands.”

Here is the paper:

Over the next month, her and I were in perfect peace, believing that God was going to change this condition very soon. Then, we got another ultrasound on October 4th, and we were shocked to see that the condition had not yet changed.

At this point, we were way past the point of any hope in the natural. We were about to enter the 8th month and this condition is said to never change at any time during the third trimester (months 6-9).

But God…

A few days after this, on Saturday October 7th, I went on a prayer walk and I cried out to the Lord for clarity. Within just a few hours, I received the most unusual, out of the blue message from a friend, who I hadn’t seen or talked to for months. She knew NOTHING about our situation. It was a prophecy about my hometown baseball team.

I clicked on the article and the prophecy was given in May of 1985, two months into the baseball season. The prophecy was that the Royals were going to win the World Series that year and that they were going to do it in the most dramatic fashion. The prophet said that they would have an “11th hour turnaround”. He went on to say that they would be down in the 9th inning (the last period of a baseball game) and that a pinch hitter would come up and bat in the winning runs.

That prophecy was given in May, and sure enough, in October, the Kansas City Royals were playing in the World Series…and they were down 1-0 in the 9th inning. Then a pinch hitter came up and batted in the winning runs and they won 2-1, exactly as it was prophesied.

My first reaction to this was “Wow that’s cool!” My second was “why is she sending me this?” Then the Lord spoke to me and said, “I want you to believe Me for an 11th hour turnaround.”

As the days went on and I kept meditating on this prophecy- I started to see the parallels. Baseball has 9 innings and pregnancy has 9 months. Also, the Royals needed 2 runs in the 9th inning and in order for us to be out of the danger zone, the placenta needed to move at least 2 cm in the 9th month.

Well…that is exactly what happened. In fact, it actually moved 2.1 cm! Here’s our November scan:

God is so good!

This was truly an 11th hour miracle turnaround and now we will be able to give birth naturally, just like God intended!

I hope our story encourages your faith. Trust God for your miracle too!

Chris and Sofiya

P.S. This was a song the Lord gave us as a prophetic word. It will bless you!

10 thoughts on “Baby Natalie’s Miracle Story!”

  1. That’s a beautiful testimony! God truly is faithful. It’s so very important to have a relationship with Him to have knowledge and understanding what and how to pray!! This is awesome! Congratulations!!

  2. I too had a miracle from God. I could not have children (I didn’t have the “woman parts” to conceive). We adopted our daughter & 5 yrs later, we were pregnant. Even the Ultrasound Doctor shed a tear. At our 5 month Ultrasound we were told he had “trisomy 18” (hydrocephalus) & wouldn’t survive for 5 days after birth.
    So, we prayed. My beautiful miracle from God, not only survived, he is now a Producer for ESPN & VERY HEALTHY!!

  3. Praise God!
    So sorry you both had tow lan through the, but Yes, our God is so faithful.🙏🏻
    I am so thankful to hear what The Lord has done.
    God bless you and your family. God has many wonderful things in store for all of you.

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