Schedule, Announcements and Testimonies: November 9th-12th, 2023

Hey Fam! Happy Thursday!

What a week it has been for our area. Not only have the usual outreaches been happening, but this past weekend there was also a tent revival called “Awaken Sarasota” (interesting choice of names!) at Fellowship of Believers on Friday, Saturday and Sunday…AND another tent revival called “Tent of Miracles” that has been going on at the Sarasota Fairgrounds every night since Sunday. I especially love the fact that we live right in the middle of the two locations, and they are both less than a mile from our home!

Here’s a video from Awaken Sarasota:

Here’s a video from Tent of Miracles

I had an opportunity last Thursday to go to a pastor’s luncheon given by the man who was leading the Tent of Miracles Crusade, and he told me that God sent him here from India during COVID to bring revival to America. In his youth he was discipled by Reinhard Bonke and now sits under Rodney Howard Brown. He said that although he has done smaller indoor crusades in various parts of America, the Lord told him that he was to invest heavily into Florida by bringing TENTS all over the state. How prophetic is that? He did his first one in Lakeland last April and he said that when he came to Sarasota a few months ago- he felt the Holy Spirit all over this place and heard right away that his next crusade was supposed to be here. And how fitting that he did it right at an intersection that has the David logo on it! I showed him the logo at lunch that day and he was stunned. He even has 12 more of these crusades planned in our state over the next year+. Is that cool or what!? Let’s definitely pray for this man and this ministry, I feel it is an answer to prayer.

As for the Crusade itself, it was pretty powerful on the nights that I’ve been. I saw several healings and many getting touched by the Spirit. The funnest moment though was when Holy Spirit laughter broke out all over and our bro Thom got hit with it for about 5 minutes. Here’s a clip of that:

If you haven’t been yet, it’s still happening tonight and tomorrow. Speaking of tonight, there will be no fellowship gathering since mama wants to take a night off of hosting to celebrate her birthday. She is 29 today! Woot-woot!

Speaking of mama, did you hear the news about the miracle God recently did for our baby??? I had a chance to share it at The Front on Monday, and I encourage you to watch it. Your prayers were part of us receiving it!

As for this past weekend, it was awesome! And wow, what an army we had! On Friday 15 of us were serving and Saturday it was over 20.

On Friday we had great weather and a decent amount of people to minister to. One cool highlight was seeing several young teenagers come over for prayer and counsel. One of them even came back multiple times and brought people back with him to be ministered to. Here’s a pic:

BIG thanks to Mike M, Thom, Amber, Laney, Abagail, Karina, Nate, Tommy, Brian, Amanda, Jeff, Gino and Nicole for coming out! Great work!

On Saturday morning, we got to minister at the retirement home again and that was great as always. Those people are hungry for Jesus!

On Saturday night, we again had good weather and big crowds at Riverwalk. Hundreds of people got to hear the good news and at least 3 people that we know of, prayed to receive the Lord. Here’s a pic of them:

A number of other people got prayed over and one man got seriously delivered and filled with the Spirit with evidence of speaking in tongues. Even some satanists got ministered to that night, it was wild!

BIG thanks to Chuck, Debbie, Jose, Daniel, Hector, the 6-7 other Hispanic evangelists, Paul, Laura, QJ, 2-3 others from Christian Retreat, Mike V, Ricardo, Amanda, Zack, Dave, and Carol. Great work!

On Sunday, things got off to a great start when I drove by one of the drummers while he was unloading his car. I waved to him and told him hello and he looked me right in the eye and said, “God bless you.” This was one of the first times I’d spoken to this particular drummer too, which is awesome!

We had a great set up thanks to the mighty men who came early, and we had great weather and good crowds of people to minister to also. Many were prayed over and encouraged, and I had the pleasure of praying with this young man to receive the Lord:

Such a great night! BIG thanks to John, Paul, Mike M, Joe, Amber, Laney, Cal and Hugo for coming out to serve. Great work!

We are also making some progress with the discipleship programs through the House of Prayer. We’re working on systematizing things and putting together a series of videos that will help people get off on the right foot. Please keep this project in prayer, as it will take a fair amount of time and energy to complete.

This weekend, we will be meeting earlier on Saturday and Sunday to accommodate for the earlier sunset. The schedule will be:

Friday at Bayfront Park (190) at 7

Saturday at Riverwalk (117) at 5

Sunday at Siesta Beach (295) at 3

Please pray and please come when you can!

Love and blessings!


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