Schedule, Announcements and Testimonies October 5th-8th 2023

Hey Fam! Happy Thursday!

We’re excited for tonight! Jonathan Cahn will be ministering at Christian Retreat, and we will be expecting a NOW Word. Last year when he spoke during Feast of Tabernacles, he brought a word that confirmed much of what the Lord had been saying to me for well over a year, so I’m anticipating something similar tonight.

Back in April of 2022 as we toured Philadelphia, the Lord told me that just like America was invaded in an unprecedented way in 1776 by the biggest military in history (The British), that America was now being invaded in the spirit in unprecedented magnitude. He also told me that this was the hour when He was calling His remnant (which includes us) to rise up and fight against it. This is a MAJOR reason why He has birthed this Tabernacle of David outreach movement.

When we saw Jonathan during last year’s Feast, he had just released his book called “Return of the Gods”. The book and his message that night was all about how…America was being invaded by the same demonic entities that invaded Israel during their seasons of disobedience and that the antidote was…wholehearted obedience, public proclamation of the Gospel through preaching and worship, and prayer. Here’s a video of him speaking about this.

His message and book were such big encouragements from the Lord to keep doing what we are doing, so I am anxious to hear what God wants to release through him tonight.

Hope to see you there!

As for our other announcements, please join us on Tuesday at the Sarasota House of Prayer for intercession for souls in our region. These prayer times have been very powerful and I know they will go to an even higher level if more of unite together for that. It will go from 10am-11am.

Also, this Saturday Sofiya and I are going back the retirement home to minister at 1pm. Please keep that in prayer.

We are also finalizing details for the Key West/ Fantasy Fest Mission Trip later this month, so please keep that in prayer also.

This past weekend was amazing. I was gone on Friday, helping Sofiya’s family set up the baby shower, but I heard it was a great night at Bayfront. BIG Thanks to Nate, Amber, Thom, Rene, Maria and Mike M for coming out to serve! So thankful I can trust all of you to hold things down in my absence!

On Saturday, we couldn’t start until 7 because of the baby shower, and since mama was exhausted afterwards, we didn’t have any live music at Riverwalk. It really didn’t hinder the Spirit from flowing though because people were still getting drawn over throughout the night and at least 5 people that we know of prayed to receive the Lord. I prayed beforehand that God would multiply our tiny offering like He did with the boy with the loaves and fish, and that is exactly what He did!

BIG thanks Chuck, Debbie, Jackson, Carol, Zack, Clayton, Philip and his wife for coming out to serve! Great work!!

Sunday was also a little different. The wind was fierce when we got onto the beach, so we spent the entire evening in the pavilion. We had some harder ground to sow into than usual, but still got to reach several hundred people. We also had some great Divine appointments. One man came up to me and told me that he didn’t really know what to believe about Jesus. He was European and said he had been studying different things and was open. I shared the Gospel with him and then he prayed with me to receive revelation from Jesus. After this, he thanked me, took the tracts and said he would read them. He also asked to connect on social media to keep in touch, which was a good sign. I heard that several others prayed to receive a touch from the Lord that night as well.

BIG thanks to Karson, Mike M, Amber, Michelle, and Rose for coming out to serve! Great job!

I also want to take a moment and brag on the Lord for a minute. It was 4 years ago this week (10/3/2019) that He allowed me to share a miracle testimony with 1 million people, by being on the 700 Club. Here is that segment in case you haven’t seen it.

On the same day (10/3) in 2020, while much of the world was still in lockdown, we had the biggest gathering we’ve ever had on Siesta Beach during the outreach. Our friend Vasily, whom we had just met, united several churches together to participate in an event they called “Fan the Flame”, and God told him to do it on Siesta on a Saturday. Since we used to minister there on Saturday’s, we partnered with his team, and we had a 5-hour Glory meeting that was one of the most exciting events of my entire ministry life. Here’s one video I took that day:

On the same day (10/3) in 2021, God supernaturally restored my leg after I had suffered a complete tear in one of my calf muscles, just two weeks earlier. I had received a prophetic word the night before from Song Bae that I would see a breakthrough in the next 12 hours, and by the next day I was walking normal again. It was amazing! This is me sharing the testimony at The Front the next day. One of my friends brought her son to The Front that night and when he heard my testimony, he gave his life to Jesus and decided to become a missionary!

God is so good! And I love how He has given me this beautifully poetic day of remembrance!

“Give praise to the Lord, proclaim His name, make known among the nations what He has done….Remember the wonders He has done,
    His miracles, and the judgments He pronounced,” Psalms 105: 1, 5

Love you guys! Hope to see you on the frontlines this weekend!


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