Schedule, Announcements and Testimonies September 28-October 1, 2023

Hey Fam! Happy Thursday!

What a week it has been! As you may know, Sofiya and I spent most of last week in my hometown Kansas City Missouri, soaking in the prayer room at the International House of Prayer, doing some sight-seeing and having some good quality time together. Here’s us outside the prayer room-

This was my third time there and it is always SO powerful. I always get incredible downloads from heaven while I’m there too. 10 years ago, I had my first and only angelic encounter there and 6 years ago I received powerful prophetic words about the ministry, which we didn’t start until a year later. This time, it was on another level because of how connected I feel to the IHOP story and the call to rebuild the Tabernacle of David, which is exactly what they are doing. I will definitely be going back soon!

While I was there, a friend of mine who used to Pastor here (but moved to IHOP about 10 years ago), called me and told me that he and his wife were leading a homeschool co-op in the area and he asked me if I could come and speak at their Friday Chapel service. That was fun! To get to share my testimony and some biblical encouragement with a few dozen 6–17-year-olds was such a blessing. Here’s a short clip:

And it was especially cool to see them all respond to the altar call for more of Jesus and a greater boldness to share Him with others. Here’s a clip of that:

Also on the trip, Sofiya and I got to take a tour of Arrowhead Stadium, where the reigning Super Bowl Champion Chiefs play football. That was so cool! Here’s us on the field-

What was especially cool about this though was that we got to see the NFL’s only stadium chapel. The Chiefs owners are very strong believers, and they didn’t want people who come to the stadium on game day to have to miss church. So… they built a stadium chapel so they could have church services on game day when the games are early. How cool is that!? I love how big and how visible it is too. And doesn’t it look like a giant revival tent?

During our time there, we also got to visit my childhood homes and God even gave us this little wink by putting a heart in clouds directly over my old section 8 duplex. He’s so fun!

The night before we left, my friend James Griffin, who is on staff at IHOP, invited me to a staff dinner where we got to hear Mike Bickle share the prophetic story of IHOP. That was INCREDIBLE. It is definitely the most supernatural story I’ve ever heard and it was told in honor of them celebrating 24 years of night and day prayer that same week. Here is a link to that message.

I also got to see how many people it takes to pull off 24/7 prayer and worship because all the musicians, singers, prayer leaders and tech people were all there. Here’s a shot of them. The unity around this central vision of ministering unto Jesus night and day is amazing. This is definitely Team Jesus on steroids!

After a crazy early flight, we got back in early on Saturday morning, and we were pleased to hear that things went well at Bayfront Park the night before. Thank you to everyone who stepped up and filled in for us!

Saturday at Riverwalk was awesome! There was a noticeable hunger all over the park and people were getting drawn into the worship and the Word much more than usual. In fact, throughout the night, 3 different people (one adult and two children) came right up to me while I was preaching and asked me for prayer. Here’s one clip of a handful of people coming to hear the Word.

Four of the people in the video are evangelists that we met that night, who were very inspired and want to come back and minister with us in the future. So cool! Chuck mentioned that he led on 14-year-old boy to the Lord too and Laney and Debbie prayed with one young boy to receive the Holy Spirit and when they did, he said, “I feel something!” Such a great night!

BIG thanks to Chuck, Debbie, Carol, Laney and Mike V for coming out!!! Great work!

On Sunday, we got rained on pretty early, so we had to stay in the pavilion for a while. Thankfully though, the drummers never drummed while we were there and so we got to minister to hundreds of people over a 30-minute time frame. Many were engaging and responding too. It was awesome!

That night we also got to minister to many believers who were struggling with their faith. I even had two people ask me “why did Jesus have to die anyway?” We also got to pray for a young man named Deakon to receive Holy Spirit and he ended up staying with us until the end. A couple from Sweden also came by at one point and they said that they didn’t know what Jesus did for them. I shared the gospel with them, and they both called upon the Name of Jesus! Here they are:

Another cool thing that happened that night was that a woman came over to receive prayer who didn’t speak English. She had a friend with her that was interpreting, and the woman said she needed prayer for healing, but didn’t say for what. After praying for her, Laney felt Holy Spirit tell her to lift the woman’s right arm, and when she did, the woman gasped and told her that it was her right shoulder that she needed prayer for. it was the first time in a while she was able to lift it without pain. She left so happy!

Such a great night!

BIG thanks to Karson, Laney, Amber, Mike M, Paul, Amanda, Cielo, Lucas, Augast, Michelle and Sara for coming out!! Great work!

This weekend our times will be the same, except for Saturday, which will be later because of our baby shower. The schedule will be-

Friday at Bayfront Park (184) at 7

Saturday at Riverwalk (111) at 7

Sunday at Siesta Beach (289) at 4

Please pray and please come when you can!

Also, coming up on October 7th, we will be ministering at the retirement home again. The last time we went, the Lord really touched people’s hearts a lot. It was powerful. They told us that they had been praying for this for a long time and they were so grateful. Only about 7-8 people came for the first one, but the chapel is located in the middle of a hallway between lots of people’s rooms, so it really is kind of like an outreach. People were coming through the hallway as we were ministering, and they were stopping to listen. They asked us to come back as soon as possible and as often as possible, so we can tell they are hungry. Please keep the people in the facility in prayer, because it is not a Christian facility, but God has given us favor to be super bold in there.

Here’s the one and only video I took, so you get an idea what the space is like.

Also, thank you to those that came to The Front 2.0 in Port Charlotte when I preached there two weeks ago. It was a powerful time and almost everyone responded to the altar call. Here’s one pic of that:

I encourage you to listen to my message. I shared my testimony of how we started the ministry, the end times prophecies about rebuilding the Tabernacle of David and some testimonies from the outreaches. Check it out here:

That’s all for now! Looking forward to seeing you again soon!

Love you!

Chris and Sofiya

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