Schedule, Announcements and Testimonies- September 14-17, 2023

Hey Fam! I hope you’re doing great!

There’s some exciting stuff happening this week. Tonight, I will be sharing with a hungry group of believers in Port Charlotte about what God is doing through the outreaches and about the biblical model for evangelism given through the Tabernacle of David. I’m told that several people in the congregation already want to start an outreach in that area, so I’m praying that God would raise up a group to saturate that county with worship and the Word. That would be so amazing to see, because then all 3 counties in the 941 would be covered. I believe this will be a huge tipping point for our region.

Please pray and please come if you are able. It starts at 7pm at 17218 Toledo Blade Blvd, 33954.

On Saturday, we have our first service inside a local retirement home. A woman who lives there saw us at Riverwalk recently and asked us to come. I have no idea what will happen but please keep that in prayer and please come if you’re able. It will be from 3-4 on Saturday. Message me for the address.

Next Tuesday, Sofiya and I are leaving for Kansas City to visit the International House of Prayer. We’re so excited! I will still be leading the Tuesday morning prayer meeting at the Sarasota House of Prayer from 10-11, so please come and join us for that if you can. We’ve had two so far and the presence of God has been thick in the room both times.

On that note, as I was meditating on what we saw this past weekend at the outreaches, the Lord reminded me that at the House of Prayer, we had prayed out of John 6:44, for the Father to draw the people to Jesus. We definitely saw that happen each night we ministered.

On Friday night, we had a group of 6 with us from the Sarasota House of Prayer ministry school, which was awesome. Here’s us praying in the beginning:

All together there were 17 people that came out to minister that night. I was stunned!

It was great weather all night too, so there was a good amount of people that came to the park. Many seeds were sown, and a number of people received prayer. Of course, with that many people ministering I didn’t get to hear all the reports, but it was definitely a fruitful night. Here’s a video of some of the worship:

I got to witness a few Divine appointments myself that night too. Early on in the night a man named Joshua came right up to me after I finished preaching and he thanked me for being there. He was a believer but very weighed down with grief. He said that people in his life have been rejecting him and that he was in a bad place. He said that meeting us was such a huge encouragement to him and he even cried as he was sharing how much it meant. So cool. This is him:

A little while later a young man named Jose came over who had just given his life to the Lord a month ago. He sat down, listened to the Word and then we got to minister to him for a while afterwards. I felt like he really needed to hear what we were sharing with him that night and he was touched. Then, as we were praying for him, God even started blowing a mighty wind upon us, which we all thought was so cool and prophetic!

And, I guess it was prophetic because a little later, we met a man from Brazil, who had never received the Holy Spirit, and that night he got filled with the Spirit and began speaking in tongues for the first time! This is him:

BIG thanks to Mike M, Karson, Laney, Abagail, Amber, Carol, Rene, Maria, Daniel, Elijah, Caleb, Mariah, Diyani, Clarissa, Augast, Aileen, and Jeff for coming out to serve that night! Great work!

On Saturday morning, I got up early to make it to Lakeland for an outreach happening in the downtown. Their plan was to have a Jesus march around the downtown, and then to gather in a public park for worship after. When I got there, they had already come back for worship, and I was expecting to see maybe 50-100 people there. Oh me of little faith- there were maybe 3-400! Here’s a video that shows some of the crowd:

It was such a good location too, because it was right next to a giant famers market, with hundreds of people streaming through the entire time. Here’s one video that shows that:

This was a pretty cool moment there too. A woman who came in a wheelchair got up and walked further than she had in several years after getting prayed for! Check it out here:

I also made some great connections while I was there, including with a couple from Texas who organizes Jesus Marches all over the country. I told them about Siesta Key, and they are interested in possibly organizing one there early next year. I even got a text from him today saying that they would be in town in late November and want to minister with us and get a lay of the land. So exciting!

I also met this brother named Ryan Horton, who I had been following on Instagram. Ryan goes into high traffic places all over America and brings worship, so it was so cool to meet him. I invited him to Sarasota too, so let’s see what happens! Here we are, along with Mike Kramer:

After Lakeland, we went to Riverwalk, and it was a powerful time out there. God gave us great weather and a huge crowd of maybe 400+ people throughout the night.

Going back to the John 6:44 prayer, I was amazed at how many kids were coming up to us and asking for prayer. Way more than usual. Several of them prayed to receive the Lord too, which was so cool! Here’s one video where you can see a few of them:

One girl who received the Lord, didn’t speak any English and we didn’t have anyone there to minister who spoke Spanish. Amazingly though, God had just drawn this man over who needed prayer and counsel and Laney ministered to him for over 30 minutes. When the young girl came by with her family, the man was able to translate the gospel to the girl as well as the prayer for salvation. Talk about Divine orchestration! Here’s the girl with her family.

These kids came over and were SO excited that we were there. They said, “we want to come back next time you’re doing this because this is such a great thing you’re doing for the Lord!” I’ve rarely ever seen kids so young be so excited about God. It was beautiful!

Here’s some pics of people getting prayer. Look at the shot of the girl worshipping on the platform! Amazing!

Such a great night!

BIG thanks to Debbie, Chuck, Mike V, Jackson, Laney, Carol and Elizabeth for coming out to serve! Great work!

Sunday was a great day too. For one thing, the Lord brought 3 mighty men out to help with the set up, so things moved along very quickly in the beginning. Here’s a video I took of us bringing things out:

Due to some rain earlier in the week, the sand on the drum circle side was a little nasty where they usually set up, so they moved down the sand-almost right across from us. I was so glad because this meant that so many more people in the circle would hear the gospel! Here’s a video of some of the worship from that night. In it you can see how close they are:

Throughout the night, many were drawn over for prayer and I heard that at least one person prayed to receive the Lord. Two of the drum circle drummers also asked me for prayer while I was over there talking with them, which was amazing!

Later on in the night a handful of people came over to hear the Word too and many said they were touched. Here’s one video that shows some of them:

All in all it was another amazing night on the countries number one beach! BIG thanks to Laney, Amber, John, Paul, Mike M, Zack, Michelle and Deb for coming out! Great work!

This weekend our schedule will be:

Friday at Bayfront Park (183) at 7

Saturday at Riverwalk (109) at 6

Sunday at Siesta Beach (287) at 4

Please pray and please come when you can!

Also, this Saturday is Rosh Hashanah, the beginning of the new year on the biblical calendar. What follows that are the 10 days of awe and then Yom Kippur- The Day of Atonement. During those 10 days leading up to Yom Kippur, I believe God will release a special anointing that will bring conviction and the desire for repentance. Let’s believe for that as we go out over this next week+!

Love you!

Chris and Sofiya

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