Schedule, Announcements and Testimonies- September 7-10, 2023

Hey my friend! Happy Thursday!

What a week it has been! This time last week Sofiya and I were coming home from Panama City Beach, where we got to minister with our friends Mike and Rochelle along with a team of evangelists that they’ve been raising up. It was awesome!

We arrived on Tuesday night, which was the night of their home fellowship, so we got to worship and pray together, and they asked me to share a Word. The Lord put on my heart to share my salvation testimony, the testimony of the outreach, and a teaching on the Tabernacle of David. Everyone said that it really touched them. Here’s a brief clip:

The next day, Mike, Rochelle and their friend Ed (who was saved at their outreach 3 weeks earlier and was delivered from satanism) went with us to Pensacola to see the Brownsville Assemblies of God Church where God poured out His Glory for over 5 years beginning on Father’s Day 1995. This outpouring was the largest revival in US history, attracting over 4 million people from across the world. Hundreds of thousands of people got saved in these meetings and many incredible miracles happened as well. I have watched videos of this revival for years and I was so glad that I finally was able to go. This is us outside:

We even got to go inside and have a full tour of the church. It was AMAZING! Here’s a video of the sanctuary:

Here’s me on the stage:

We even got to go through some back rooms where they have several items of memorabilia from the revival including old oil-stained pews! I really enjoyed seeing this item too- the podium where Steve Hill and John Kilpatrick would preach during the revival:

Then, before we left, the man who gave us the tour (who had been there for years and was on fire for Jesus) prayed over us while we were at the exact same altar where hundreds of thousands of people gave their life to Jesus. Where else on earth could you go and duplicate that? Such an amazing experience!

I felt like something was released on us while we were there, and ever since I got back, I’ve been obsessing over the entire revival. I even watched a 4-hour documentary on it. All I can say is WOW! Do it again Lord!

Interestingly, on Sunday I livestreamed the first sermon preached at Brownsville since we were there, and I felt it was a confirmation that the entire topic was….David! God is so fun!

Back to Wednesday: when we got back to Panama City, we went to a place called Pier Park, where there is lots of foot traffic. Even though it was a little lighter because of the storm threat, we still had lots of Divine appointments and got to pray for many people. Here’s one pic of a handful of people getting ministered to:

Here’s a video of some of the people that came later:

One of the Divine appointments that I had was pretty special. It was with a man who walked by with his girlfriend. While they were waiting to cross the street, I felt the Lord tell me to approach him and offer him a tract, so I did. When I asked him if he knew Jesus as His Lord and Saviour, he said he was “spiritual but not religious.” I talked to him for a while and he shared some of his beliefs with me, which were oddly somewhat biblical and reverent, but he kept saying that he couldn’t come to God because he is undeserving. I encouraged him in the love of the Lord, I shared the gospel with him and then he let me pray for him.

While I was praying for the revelation of God’s love to come upon him, I could hear him start to cry. He initially came off as a real tough guy too, so this was very unexpected. After I got done, he asked if he could pray for me, so I let him. As he prayed, he addressed Jesus and he just kept thanking Him for sending me out there to meet him. I was moved. He had just come there from another state because had just lost his job and just became homeless. It was so cool how God orchestrated the timing. I honestly felt like if I was sent for nobody else but him than it was worth it. And get this…his name just so happened to be David. Amazing! Here’s me praying for him and his girlfriend:

All in all, we were there for several hours and we had a powerful time. It was so cool that we got to live out the teaching that I had just shared with them the previous night about the Tabernacle of David too. We’re believing that once Mike and Rochelle leave, the others will continue this mighty work that has begun up there. Here’s the whole crew that made it out that night:

The next day, we left to go home but we stopped by Tallahassee to pray over the state capitol buildings. That was so cool, especially since I had never been there before. Up to this point of the trip, we hadn’t encountered any rain, but as we were praying for the capital to receive an outpouring of the Spirit, it started to rain hard!! It lasted for over 30 minutes, and I felt like it was a sign from God. Let it be done Lord!!! Here’s a video of the rain:

We also got to pray over the Florida Supreme Court, pictured below:

And we prayed over the Governor’s Mansion. Which you can’t see really well here, but this is the outside gate:

We drove almost 1000 total miles on the entire trip, and we finally made it home that night around 9pm, so we were exhausted. It was so worth it though!!! Definitely one of those trips that marks you! And praise God there was NO rain from the hurricane up there at all!

The next day at Bayfront we had some great Divine appointments also, including with one couple that prayed to receive the Lord. One of the biggest miracles about that night though is that there were dark clouds floating over us for over 30 minutes, but there was zero rain all night. We were so happy! I also had an interesting run in with a homeless man who stared me down and taunted me for about 15 minutes. He even threatened to kill me! God protected me of course, and the man ultimately did nothing but talk, but it was pretty wild!

I barely got any video that night, but here is us praying before the service:

BIG thanks to Mike M, Jeff, Thom, Amber, Mia, Carol, Karson, Rene, Maria and Rodrigo for coming out to serve! Great work!

Saturday morning, I had a fun surprise when I met up with a friend of mine at the gym and he told me that there was a 24-hour prayer and worship gathering going on at Fellowship of Believers that was going until 7. When he told me this I replied- “Like the Tabernacle of David!” He said “Yes! that’s exactly what the organizer said!”

Turns out he is friends with the man who put it together and it was meant to be the first of several of these gatherings that were going to be happening all over the Tampa Bay area. My friend told me that he would introduce me to the man if I went, so even though I knew that it would be a little tight to make it there before Riverwalk, I knew I had to be there.

When I showed up, another friend- Ruben Beachy, was in the hallway and he actually ended up introducing me to the same guy I was supposed to meet through my other friend! Funny how that worked! The man’s name is Ryan, and he leads Forerunner Ministries. As Ryan and I were talking, I was telling him about the outreach and how we did them for nearly three years before I learned that we were following the biblical model that God gave to David. Minus the 24-hour part anyway!

I told him that I knew nothing about it until March of 2021, when God sent a man to our church named David Bradshaw, who leads a national ministry called Awaken the Dawn. David shared a message that night about Davids Tabernacle and all of a sudden, I realized that I was hearing God all along and following HIS model for reaching the world in the last days! (Acts 15:16-17).

If you have Facebook, I highly encourage you to watch that message by clicking here-

As I shared this part of the story, Ryan said “that’s so funny because David Bradshaw is here tonight, and he is going to be speaking later.” I was floored!

It gets better. So just as I was reacting to this news, who walks by us in the hallway??? David Bradshaw!! You can’t make this stuff up!!

I stopped him and I told him the whole story of how God used him to bring clarity to my ministry calling and HE was floored! After we talked for a little bit, I asked him to pray over me and it was powerful! Here’s us together right after that:

This was such a mind blowing set up from God that I felt like I was floating after I left! It definitely got rid of all the tiredness that was still left over from the trip too!

Once we got to Riverwalk, we were amazed at the amount of people there. Three days earlier it was flooded with water and that night it was flooded with people! Several of our Hispanic friends, who we met a few weeks earlier were there too. Here’s us praying:

Here’s some videos that show some of the crowd. You can see several people stopping to listen too:

Many people received prayer and ministry that night too. I also heard of at least one man that prayed to receive the Lord. His name is Concepcion. I felt like that name was kind of prophetic too. Here’s Zack praying with him:

It was such a great night out there. We were so blessed with nice weather too!

BIG thanks to Chuck, Debbie, Zack, Carol, Shirley and all our Hispanic friends for coming out to serve. Great job!!!

The next morning at FOB, a man shared a testimony of what he saw in the Spirit while the prayer and worship gathering was going on Friday night. He said he saw angels leaving the church to go and blow the trumpet of awakening all across the region. He kept using that word “awaken” over and over again too, so I knew the Lord wanted me to latch on to it. Maybe this is what was the “conception” that the Lord was trying to tell us about. Here’s the video of the man sharing:

Exciting stuff!

That night Siesta was flooded with people too because of Labor Day. We had a wonderful time, and many people were ministered to. Early in the night, we met these two women from St Pete who had been praying for God to move on Siesta Beach while they were there. When they saw me unloading, they said that their prayers were answered! They ministered with us the entire night and they gave away a ton of gifts and talked to lots of people. It was awesome!

You can see them in this clip:

I also got to talk with a woman whom we led to the Lord a few months ago at the beach. She came back with her new boyfriend, and she told me that God has been working a lot in her life ever since. Very cool to hear! She may come this weekend to be baptized with him too. Here’s a pic that shows me talking to them while another woman is being prayed for:

Later on in the evening, I met a local youth pastor who was very intrigued by what we were doing. He said that he recently started having church outside in public places and I shared with him the scriptures about the Tabernacle of David. He was floored! We’re going to connect in the future and hopefully minister together, but isn’t that cool that God made sure to bring him out to us so he could get that same revelation and clarity like I did from David Bradshaw? So cool!

Here’s us:

All in all it was another amazing night and the weather was really nice too. Thank you Lord!

BIG thanks to Michelle, Amber, Mike M, Rose (welcome back!!!) and Jayson for coming out to serve! Great work!

We’re super excited for this weekend too. The schedule will be:

Friday at Bayfront Park (182) at 7- a handful of people from the Sarasota House of Prayer will be joining us for this one

Saturday at Riverwalk (108) at 6

Sunday at Siesta Beach (286) at 4

Please pray and please come when you can!

Also, please join us at the Sarasota House of Prayer on Tuesdays from 10-11am. I will be leading a prayer set for souls to be won and evangelists to be empowered all through the region. We had a POWERFUL time last Tuesday and I’m excited to be partnering with them! Here’s the recording of that prayer meeting. The name is a mistake.

So, I guess that is all for today. God bless you! So thankful to be running with you!


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