Schedule, Announcements and Testimonies July 27-30, 2023

Hey Fam! Happy Thursday!

You know how we always say that we need to take what we do by faith, believing that sowing the seed of the Word into people will produce fruit in its time? Well, this past Monday God gave us such a cool confirmation of that.

Monday morning, our friends Rochelle and Isaac were at a Starbucks in Sarasota and the Lord told Isaac to talk to a few girls that were sitting having coffee. When Isaac began to witness to them, one of them said that she had recently given her life to Jesus and been baptized. He asked her more about it, and she said that it happened as a result of some people in Ft. Lauderdale ministering to her during spring break. After she described the outreach in Ft. Lauderdale, Isaac realized that she was talking about us! They were both stunned! He told her that she should come to The Front that night to see me and to share what happened, and she did! She came, shared her testimony, got prayed over, prophesied over and got filled with Holy Spirit!

Turns out she plays volleyball for the Naval Acadamy in Maryland, and she is down here on a team trip. She even brought two of her teammates with her to church who are believers and they got filled with Holy Spirit too! Afterwards we were all marveling at how God could bring a girl from Maryland to Ft. Lauderdale to meet us once to get her saved, and then bring her from Maryland to Sarasota to meet us again to get filled with the Spirit. Only God! As someone told her, if things start out this way, there’s no telling where things are headed! She’s the one in the white shirt. And get this…her name is Chris too!!! LOL!

The weekend was incredible too. I’ll start with Sunday, since that was where we saw the most Glory.

When I got to Siesta on Sunday, Laney was there waiting for me. I was shocked that nearly two hours later, it was still just her and I. During that time, I had made about 6 trips to the beach to bring the stuff while Laney waited at the curb. Thankfully by the time we were ready to put up the tents Diana had come to help. More people started coming to serve around 6/6:15 so it was a that time that we finally huddled up for prayer. I kid you not, as we were praying for the Holy Spirit to come, the winds came through and blew down the keyboard, blew off the tent topper and blew a sign away. The dark clouds were rolling in with it and so we scrambled to get to the pavilion before it was too late. Thankfully we made it just as the rain was coming down.

Before we even got up there, I knew that God was rearranging things for a good purpose, but I had no idea what was in store.

We began to worship and take over the atmosphere, hoping that the drum circle people would stay back for a while. Thankfully they did, so we got to minister to hundreds of people. Here’s a video of the worship when we first got there:

I was super encouraged that many people were engaging and responding to the Word too. As I was sharing my testimony, I also felt led to stir everyone up to believe for a miracle. Here’s a video of that:

Shortly after that, Isaac and Mike began praying for young woman who was in the pavilion on crutches. She had recently had surgery on her foot, and she was in so much pain she couldn’t put any weight on it. After they prayed for her, God took all the pain away and she actually ran through the pavilion! Afterwards, she got so hit with the love and kindness of God that she asked how she could be saved. They explained repentance and water baptism and she was all in. She gave her life to Jesus and wanted to be publicly baptized, so a bunch of us took her to the water, crutches in hand, so we could testify to the entire beach about what just happened. Here’s us walking down to the water:

Here’s the people coming to watch the baptism:

Here’s the baptism:

By then, even more people had come over to see what was going on and the atmosphere was full of faith. It was at that time that a man came over who was suffering with migraine headaches, and he asked for prayer too. He got rocked by Holy Spirit and got slain right in the water. Mike and Isaac had to literally drag him out, which you can see here:

By then, even more people came to watch, so I started explaining that what was happening was a good thing. Otherwise, I think people might have thought he had drowned! The man got prayer on the shore and got radically delivered! Here’s one clip:

Then, more people, started coming for prayer. This led to several other people getting healed, including this woman who had chronic back pain:

A disabled war vet who had back pain for 45 years also received a huge touch from God and all his pain went away.

Then, others came and got delivered, including this man:

And then this guy, who we had just met the night before at Carabbas, came to the beach and got baptized:

And this was all while there was worship, preaching and Divine appointments going in in the pavilion too! I even heard from someone that was on the outer fringe of the drum circle, as far from the pavilion as you can get, that what I was preaching could be heard clearly all the way over there. How cool is that!?

A bunch of people joined us as the night went on, and we got to have a powerful time of prayer by the unloading zone. Here’s one clip:

What a night it was! BIG thanks to Mike K, Rochelle, Elijah, Laney, Amber, Diana, Zack, Paul, Daniel, Abagail, Isaac, Michelle, Olga, Vitaly and friends. Awesome KINGDOM work!

Saturday was a great night too. It started off with a cool sign from God- a dove came and sat right above us! Check it out:

Throughout the night, there was a good amount of people out there, and many people were engaging in the worship and the word. Early on, it was fun to see kids come over and dance, as you can see here:

Many people got ministered to throughout the night and several prayed to receive Christ, including two entire families! Here’s one cool video where you can see people getting ministered to on the playground, the walkway and the platform all at the same time:

In this video you can see that several people even wrote on the platform that they are choosing to follow Jesus. So cool! Just saved and already witnessing!

In addition to the other families, two people that surrendered to Jesus were a mother and daughter who we had been ministering to on and off there for a while. They had made some professions of faith before, but this time, it seemed like it was full on because the mom said that from now on, she wants to do everything Gods way. This is them:

We also met a woman who is now trying to recruit us to minister in a nearby retirement home. Please keep that in prayer, we may even be there as early as this Saturday.

As we were winding the service down and sharing testimonies, it began to rain, so we took shelter under the awning. A Hispanic family ended up coming over to join us and our young friend Jackson (who was a ministering machine that night!) shared Jesus with them in Spanish. They ended up staying for the entire prayer time, which was really cool. Here’s a clip that includes our friend Lances’ son praying a little bit too!

Afterwards, we all went to Carabbas, and we ended up meeting the man who you saw get baptized in the video above. Such a cool Divine appointment!

Such a fun night from start to finish! BIG thanks to Mike K, Rochelle, Faith, Karina, Fred, Jackson, Lance, Rene, Maria, Mark, Isaac, Laney and Jeff for coming out to serve. Great work everyone!!!!

On Friday, we had many Divine appointments but sadly very few videos. The park had a good amount of people in it, so we were busy most of the time. A number of people came to hear the word and the worship though, including one group that stayed for over 30 minutes. You can see them in this video:

One interesting thing about that night was that several people gave us money, which doesn’t often happen at Bayfront. One of them was a woman who later said that she doesn’t even believe Jesus is the only way to heaven but that what we were doing was so moving that she wanted to support us anyway. It was kind of an awkward moment for me because I had to tell her the truth, but she was really resistant to it and she kind of getting offended. I knew that whatever was happening in her was good, so I just prayed over her to receive the full revelation of Christ and then she left on good terms. Super weird, especially considering she gave us like 80 bucks!

At another time, a woman on a bike kept circling back and forth while I was preaching, and then she ended up getting ministered to and getting touched by Holy Spirit. Here’s one clip of that:

All and all it was a great night and many were touched. BIG thanks to Amber, Diana, Thom, Jeff, Laney, Mike M, Sara and Savannah for coming out to serve! Great work!

This weekend our schedule will be:

Friday at Bayfront Park (176) at 7

Saturday at Riverwalk (102) at 5

Sunday at Siesta Beach (280) at 4

Please pray and please come when you can!

Another announcement is that this weekend marks two full years since I semi-retired from my medical practice so I could go more full time into the ministry! Very soon, I will be writing a detailed compilation of the incredible prophetic journey that led me to where I am, but a while back, I wrote a few of those testimonies out to share with clients in my practice. You’ll probably enjoy reading them, so I put a link below. They begin at Christmas 2020.

Click here- One of the Biggest Announcements I’ve Ever Made.. (

Love you guys!


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