Schedule, Announcements and Testimonies March 2-5, 2023

Greetings beloved! Happy Thursday!

Last weekend was awesome! Thank you to all who were able to come and minister with us! Laney, Thom, Diana, Amber, Carolyn, Jeff, Debbie, Chuck, Carlos, Mike V, Shirley, Michelle, Deb, Dave, Rose, Vitaly and Olga- we appreciate your service to our Lord and to our community!

On Friday, we had a number of Divine appointments with believers, and we also got to share the Word with 50-100 people. The best moment for me though was watching our new friend Mario, who we just met that night, pray to receive Christ! Here’s a pic-

On Saturday, we had a smaller team than usual, but still had a number of Divine appointments. Two were pretty heart wrenching. One young kid asked for prayer for his dad who is addicted to drugs and another young kid asked for prayer for his family and said his mom is in jail for trying to assault his dad. Talk about sad! Hearing about this from Chuck and Debbie really reminded me how important it is for us to be bringing the light and hope of the gospel into this VERY dark generation. Overall, I’d say we got to share the Word with around 200 people that night, which was great!

My favorite part of the night was towards the end, when a young man named Thomas came up to Carlos and I and began confessing his sins. We asked if he’d ever received Jesus before and he said that he did when he was a kid, but that he had been living in sin for a long time. We talked to him for a few minutes, and he asked Jesus to forgive his sins and be his Lord again. It was awesome! Here’s a picture of us-

Another neat thing that happened on Saturday is that someone donated a brand new $1200 Taylor guitar to the ministry! This was especially cool because about 4 weeks ago someone prophesied over me that I was going to play the guitar one day. I guess they were right! Here’s a pic-

On Sunday, I was gripped with excitement after hearing the President of Asbury Seminary speak prophetically over Sarasota about a move of the Spirit coming to our city.

Click here to see that- President of Asbury University Seminary Speaking Prophetically over Sarasota – Awaken941

At the beach that night there were huge crowds, so we got to share the Word with probably over 500 people. Here’s a video that gives a glimpse..

We had a number of people come over for prayer, but for most of the evening I was somewhat distracted with a different group of people that came to preach at the drum circle. They were the hell fire and brimstone types and they stood about 2o feet away from the circle as they preached through a loudspeaker for well over two hours. I came to speak to the main guy at one point, so hopefully it gave him some food for thought. PLEASE keep this situation in prayer because they say they may come back again.

They have a youtube channel and they live streamed thier preaching and they also filmed our conversation. Check it out if you’re interested-

Never a dull moment!

This weekend our schedule will be:

Friday at Bayfront Park (153) at 7

Saturday at Riverwalk (81) at 5

Sunday at Siesta Beach (258) at 3

Please come when you can!

Also, please join us tonight for prayer if you can. here is the login info-

Topic: Prayer Meeting for Outreaches
Time: Mar 2, 2023 09:00 PM

Join Zoom Meeting

Also please keep me in prayer for this coming week. I will be traveling to Ft. Lauderdale to meet with the Bethel team and to pray over the land. We should have an outstanding crew of evangelists from at least 4 different cities during the mission trip, so I’m pumped! There’s still room for a few more people too so let me know asap if you can make it. The dates are March 14-16.

Love you so much! Praying continued blessings over you and your loved ones in Jesus Name!

See you soon!

Chris and Sofiya

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