Schedule, Announcements and Testimonies February 2-5, 2023

Hey Fam! Happy Thursday!

First off, let me say that it is an absolute honor, privilege and PLEASURE getting to run alongside you MIGHTY warriors. Watching the Lord use each one of us as links in a chain to pull the lost and hurting into His loving arms is something that means so much to me, so THANK YOU for responding to HIS call.

With that said- what a weekend we had! BIG shout out to those who were able to come and serve our King this past weekend-

Mike M, Laney, Amber, Rene, Maria, Diana, Mike, Rochelle, Hannah, Isaac, Charles, Mike V, Deb, Carlos, Paul/Pat, Stanley, Howie, Sara, Michelle, Dave, Cheryl, Miguel and Bruce. Special shout outs also to Jeanine, Deborah, Raquel, Matt, Carly and Cassie- welcome back! We’ve missed you! And to Annie- glad to have you for the first time!

Friday night was a little different in that there was a huge music festival going on across 41, so there was a little less action on our side. Despite that, there were still a good number of people that heard the Word through song and preaching, and several people received prayer, so it was definitely well worth the time. My favorite moment was at the end when a group of people came and sat down on the bench. I asked them if they wanted to join our prayer circle and they did. Turns out it was Jerry Dakin, of Dakin Farms, his wife, and several of their friends and family. Jerry is a strong believer, but his friends and family seemed to really need a touch from God, particularly one that was battling cancer. This is us praying at the end.

After the prayer was over Jerry was so moved by it all that he reached into his wallet and gave me $200 as a donation! Talk about a blessing!

With all that said, if you drink milk-please buy the Dakin Farms milk, which I believe is available in most local grocery stores.

On Saturday we got up bright and early and made our way to Tampa for one of the biggest parades in America- Gasparilla. The estimates this year were that around 300,000 would be there and it did not disappoint. As the weather warmed up, the crowds became massive, and we got to preach and sing Jesus to THOUSANDS of people. We had many come up and receive prayer also, mostly from believers who were very misguided and needing clarity and direction. Here’s one video I took that shows some of the crowd.

Here’s a cool moment Sofiya captured as a group of young men who I spoke with all gave me hugs.

Here’s a link to the rest of the videos and pics from Gasparilla-

Around 2:30 we left Tampa and went straight to Riverwalk. God moved powerfully while we were there too. It was the second time we got to minister with pastor Charles Taylor of Purpose Culture Church and WOW. The anointing was heavy! Within the first hour, three young kids (between 11-14) came up to the gift table and prayed with Laney to receive Christ! It was amazing! Here’s a video of one boy praying as Charles was ministering.

There was a woman next to the gift table who remarked that she was in awe over how hungry the boy seemed for God. It was so cool to hear that!

Here’s a pic of the two girls praying to receive Christ:

After this, a man I know from church got prayer for deliverance and began convulsing and throwing up on the steps. It was pretty crazy to watch but we’re believing that he is on his way to complete freedom!

Then, another precious moment happened. This little 8/9-year-old boy came up and he insisted on giving Laney an offering. Laney told him that he didn’t need to, but he was determined. She called me over and I spoke with him, and he said, “my day was going good before I got here, but now that I see you are here preaching Gods Word, it is SO much better!”

He was one of the most mature and astute little boys I’ve ever met, and he had an awe and wonder in him that was infectious. I prayed for him and then he prayed for me, and I totally felt Jesus all over it. This is him giving Laney his $3 offering.

After the outreach, we had another Divine appointment at Zeko’s when we ran into Danija, a woman who got saved and baptized at Riverwalk about a year ago. We hadn’t seen her since then, and WOW! What testimony she had. She said that God removed people from her life that were leading her away from Him and put people in her life that helped her get closer to Him. She is also in church, in the Word, walking in the fear of God, telling others about Jesus, and she’s still just a teenager! This was SOOO encouraging because that is literally what we pray happens to everyone who gets touched at the outreaches. I felt like it was God encouraging us that although we must do our part to follow up (as He leads) that He can and will help carry these people along the narrow road. Here’s a pic of us at Zeko’s-

On Sunday, there was a full parking lot when we got to the beach. Then, right as I was about to get in the van to park, one of the drum circle drummers (who was leaving early) walked by and said I could have his spot next to the unloading zone. What a nice way to start the afternoon! When we got onto the beach, I was amazed at the number of people. Thousands and thousands. I can only imagine how many we got to reach for Jesus! The entire night was full of other surprises too. One of the biggest was having our amazing sister Jeanine and her crew show up in the middle of the service! It took an already anointed Jesus party and turned it up a notch! It was also great to see so many people join us to worship, and I was also told that many people got ministered to at the gift table too. What a night!

Here’s a video of some of the fun in the Son!

The craziest thing that happened though was this. Remember the lady who I said was at the gift table watching the young boy receive Christ at Riverwalk? Well…she was at Siesta on Sunday, and she didn’t even know that we would be there! We were both in awe over this and I felt like God said that He did that because He really wanted me to remember her testimony about the boy’s hunger because it was going to happen a lot more!

So exciting!

Here’s a link to all the videos and pics from the entire weekend. feel free to download and share-

This weekend our schedule will be:

Friday at Bayfront Park (149) at 7

Saturday at Riverwalk (77!) at 4

Sunday at Siesta Beach (254) at 3

Please pray and please come when you can!

Also, tonight we will have our weekly prayer meeting for the outreaches, which you can join by clicking the link below:

Topic: Prayer Meeting for Outreaches
Time: Feb 2, 2023 09:00 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)

Join Zoom Meeting

Also, Ft. Lauderdale is only 6 weeks away!! I’ve already gotten confirmation from several people that they are going, but we still have room for more.

Check out the place that I reserved-

It is going to be SO fun to be there all together! If you’re able to join us let me know.

Again, thank you so much for your yes to the Lord and for your friendship to Sofiya and I. It is such a blessing!

See you soon!


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