Schedule, Announcements and Testimonies January 12-15, 2023

Hey Fam! Happy Thursday!

I hope you’ve had a great week!

Below is the link to tonight’s prayer meeting, some testimonies from last weekend, and a few announcements/reminders. But first, let me give a huge shout out to everyone who came to serve the Lord on the front lines last weekend!

Mike M, Thom, Jason, Dianne, Diana, Daniel Z, Pat, Daniel L, Mike V, James, Debbie, Chuck, Carlos, Laney, Amber, David L, Sara, Tim, Hank, Savannah, Ed, Michelle and Shirley. Thank you all SO much!!! No one will take your reward for what you’ve sown!

It was a great weekend too!

Friday, we had a good crew at the Bayfront, and we got to sow into 50-75 people and pray and talk with a number of them as well. It was really cool having our friend Dianne Steele with us, who used to minister with us way back in 2018-2019. I got to update her on all the Lord has done over the past 3 years in the ministry and it blew our minds just to talk about it all!

Saturday, there were SO many people at Riverwalk. I estimate that we sowed into 400-500 people easily. So many children and families were coming over throughout the night too, some for 15-20+ minutes. One guy even bowed down on one knee during an entire worship song. It was just one of those days when you KNEW that so many people were receiving from the Lord. We only caught a 23 second video of some of the kids and parents coming over, but it’s a pretty good one. I’m telling the story of how my friend Naya, who was born blind one eye, received her sight through prayer at a retreat that I was at back in 2018. How cool that little children are getting to hear about something like this from someone who was actually there!

After Riverwalk, we had a great time of fellowship at Zeko’s near Manatee Ave. That will be our fellowship spot for the time being, so PLEASE come this Saturday! We will be there around 8ish, 820 1st St. West, Bradenton.

Sunday, the crowds were INSANE. I estimate that we got to sow into close to 1000 people. What a blessing to be able to do something that could impact that many souls in just a few hours! It was a really fun and supernatural night too. Right after we got set up, our homeless friend who goes by “Gypsy” came over and started talking to me, and he remarked that it was really hot out. Up to this point it was close to 80 degrees and the air had been virtually stagnant. I said to him, “yeah man we need to pray that God gives us some breeze.” Literally not 1 second later, guess what happened…God gave us breeze! It was a really nice and gentle breeze too, and it was steady. Gypsy looked at me with huge eyes and started praising God! It was so cool! We pretty much had breeze the entire rest of the night too!

Then, a few minutes later I met a couple from my hometown-Kansas City, who asked me to pray for their marriage. As I did, the Lord gave me a word for the husband, and I shared it as I was praying. When we got done, we looked up and a young man (named Sean) was standing there with his arms extended, and he said to the man I was praying for- “brother, this word he is speaking is from the Lord. Believe every bit of it.” This was an incredible sign, and it encouraged the man so much.

After the man left, we talked to Sean, and it turns out he just moved down here and had just recently been praying about how he and his wife could get more plugged into…beach evangelism! Is that funny or what? He and his wife stayed for a while and helped us minister, and I get the sense that we will be seeing them a lot more.

Sean also told me the most interesting testimony. He said that he’s from Ohio, but during COVID, he was in Sarasota and he met his wife on Siesta Beach at the yellow lifeguard stand. He said that when they met, he was on fire for God, and she was into witchcraft. God told him to witness to her, and she ended up getting saved and delivered! Now she’s also on fire for God! Hearing this reminded me of a prophetic word that I got from the “Guardians of the Gate” prayer meeting about the ministry, which was that “There is an open heaven over the Yellow Lifeguard stand. Angels are ascending and descending there.” This was given to me on 1/12/22, and I felt like the Lord was using this couple’s testimony as a sign that it is true. Especially since her name is…Angel!

**A list of other testimonies (and fulfillments) is in our 2022 Prophetic Recap, which I highly encourage you to read- 2022 Prophetic Recap – Awaken941

Then, once we started praying for the service, an entire group of female soccer players came over to the gift table and they all ended up receiving prayer! What a cool moment! I apologize in advance for the teeny bikinis in this video, but it definitely shows you how badly that they needed more of Jesus!

Then, right after we got started the service, a man heard me sharing my testimony and he came up asking for prayer. Turns out he was a backslidden Christian and from what I was told, he recommitted his life to the Lord. He said he wanted to come back and get baptized too, so we’re praying that happens!

Now, although all this was pretty cool, I have to say that my favorite moment was when I got to talk to Mark, who is one of the drummers. Mark was the instigator of the online conspiracy against us last year (which you can read about in the Prophetic Recap), and since then, we have become friends. Now we talk, we hug, he tells me he loves me, all of that.

About a month and a half ago Mark approached me in the pavilion and asked me to pray for his girlfriend’s father, who was in the hospital fighting for his life. She was there with him that night, so I prayed for him right on the spot while both of them were there. I hadn’t had a chance to follow up until this past Sunday, but Mark told me that her father was healed and is back home doing great!

His girlfriend was there as he was sharing this and she said “yeah it was close, we thought we might lose him, but he’s doing really well. Thank you for praying!”

I immediately began to thank God and pray with them again! When we were done, Mark said he felt like crying! Come on Jesus!!!

This is now TWO drummers that have seen the miraculous, lifesaving power of Jesus in just two months! You can read about the other one here- Schedule, Announcements and Testimonies- December 22-25, 2022 – Awaken941

I can only imagine what He is going to do next!

On that note, on to the schedule and announcements:

Tonight, we are having prayer for the weekend outreaches, below is the login info. Hope you can make it!

Topic: Prayer Meeting For Outreaches
Time: Jan 12, 2023 09:00 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)

Join Zoom Meeting

This weekend our outreach schedule will be:

Friday at Bayfront Park (146) at 7

Saturday at Riverwalk (74) at 4

Sunday at Siesta Beach (252) at 3

Also, don’t forget about Ft. Lauderdale March 14-16th.

We are also going to be ministering at the MASSIVE “Gasparilla” festival in Tampa on 1/28. They are expecting 10’s of thousands of people at this festival and our friends Mike and Rochelle from Lakeland are going to be bringing a crew too. Please let us know if you can come to either of these, because we need an ARMY!

Blessings and Love!

Chris and Sofiya

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