Schedule, Announcements and Testimonies- December 15th-18th. 2022

Hey Fam! Hope you’re doing amazing!

So… as you can see, I’m trying out a new way to communicate with you. The text message service that sends the schedule messages to your phone charges us for every 140 characters I send out, so because of that, I want to start sending you a link to a page on this website so you can read the longer announcement message and I’ll only be charged for 140 characters. Hope that makes sense!

On that note, can we just thank the Lord for local web designer and fellow evangelist Renan Debarros, who made this amazing site and blog for us for FREE! God is good!

I also want to give the Lord a big thanks for the amazing things He did last weekend.

Friday night Sofiya was home fighting the funk, and many others were tied up, so it was just Mike Mcmanus and I at Bayfront Park. It was awesome though! Several people came up and listened to the messages and one woman in particular really stood out. Her name was Heather, and after she listened to about 10 minutes of my message, she told us that she didn’t really know what to believe about Jesus, but that she was interested. She said that her dad told her God isn’t real and her husband tells her that they need to go to church. After sharing the gospel with her, she began to confess some of her sins to us and she was crying. Knowing that her heart was so ready for God to reveal Himself, I led her to pray for Jesus to be made real to her heart. Afterwards we exchanged information and we gave her scriptures. She knew it was all a sign from God and I wholeheartedly believe that Holy Spirit is going to come and close that deal. So cool!

On Saturday, we had a pretty big team with us, and we got to minister with a new friend who really made a scene! His name is Pastor Charles Taylor and he and I are already discussing linking up for future outreaches. I included some videos below. Many people were drawn in throughout the night, it was really beautiful.

On Sunday, some of our team was tied up but still had a small army. We had two baptisms that night, which was amazing, and many other people were being drawn in. I have to say that my favorite moment though was when one of the drummers (Aaron), who just a few months ago told me he was an atheist and was not receptive to the gospel at all, came up to me in the pavilion and asked me to pray for his mother. This was such an encouragement that God is breaking down the walls of his heart. This is now over 5 drummers that we’ve seen have major heart shifts, and one has already received Jesus. Let’s keep them lifted up!

Here’s a pic of the couple I baptized. Matt and Lacey. Please pray for them too!

So… on to the rest of the announcments!

Tonight, we will have our weekly zoom prayer meeting for the weekend outreaches. I encourage you join us! Here is the link-

Topic: Prayer Meeting for Outreaches
Time: Dec 15, 2022 09:00 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)

Join Zoom Meeting

Copy and paste the link to your browser. If you have any trouble text me directly 941-735-6223.

Also, the rest of this month may be pretty light as far as people coming to serve, so PLEASE come whenever you can. It will help so much!

This weekend the schedule will be:

Friday at Bayfront Park (143) at 6pm

Saturday at Riverwalk (70) at 3pm

Sunday at Siesta Beach (247) at 3pm

Also, in lieu of having an official team Christmas Party, I want to invite everyone to join us on New Year’s Eve for the big worship party at our Pastors John and Michelle Skorski’s house. They live in east Bradenton, and we will be going there after Riverwalk on the 31st.

Also, just a heads up- we WILL be having outreaches on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, so if you want something fun to do, keep that in mind!

Also, just know that we are so thankful for you. It’s been a crazy juggle trying to work, do the outreaches and still have time and opportunity to connect with everyone regularly, but despite that, please know that we love you and are always here for you whenever you need us!

See you soon! Blessings and love!

Chris and Sofiya

P.S. Here’s a great video of “Tabernacle of David” style Christmas evangelism at a shopping mall. I think you’ll love it!

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