Taking the Power & Presence of Jesus...Into Public Places

Awaken 941 Mission Statement

Our mission is to take the power and presence of Jesus boldly into the streets, the parks, the beaches and every other place where lost souls are - and expose them to true essence of heaven - so they repent and turn their lives fully over to Christ. Watch the 71 second video below to get a glimpse of our mission in action-

Our schedule will change periodically throughout the year and sometimes week to week depending on the weather.  Be sure to sign up for weekly text updates to get the latest schedule, announcements and testimonies.

Text “Awaken941” to 1-844-899-9555 to join.

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Hey, I Just Met You!

Have you just come across someone from Awaken 941? We would love to hear from you. Whether you committed (or recommitted) your life to Jesus Christ or would like to find out more about God, His kingdom, and His people, please send us a message below.

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